Larks at Nags Game Thread, Sat. June 28, 3:00 pm et

Sat, 28 Jun 2014
Montreal at Calgary
3:00 PM et

It will be interesting to see Bo Levi Mitchell's first game as starting saddle master at The Ranch. For the Als, the post-Calvillo era begins with Troy Smith at the controls. I expect something compelling out of this...and I am not sure the Als' supporters around me may like what will unfold. Time will tell.

Oski Wee Wee,


More on both teams and their QB situations heading into tomorrow's game.

Oski Wee Wee,


Hi folks!

Windy out there. Scoring might be lower.

The kickoff is imminent. Rod Black is back, so you can't have everything.LOL

Yup Fender! I think Cornish is going to be carrying the ball a lot!


Nags +1!

Nik Lewis at concessions … Nags 1 - Larks 0 … Hot dogs minus 2!

Dumb mistake taking a RTK Penalty especially when you have the wind & were going to have good field position regardless.

Smith just got road graded by Charleston Hughes!

Stala definitely saved a return TD on that missed FG. Sanders was gone if Dave hadn't tripped him up.

Sean Whyte misses his first FG attempt of the year and the ball is returned out of the end zone. Still 1-0 Stamps.

4-0 Calgary after a Paredes FG. The wind is a big factor.

Mitchell bombs one to Price for 102 yards! 11-0 Stamps. The Als are still on the bus, offensively speaking. End of one quarter.

Montreal needs to get points this quarter with the wind. At least 10.

Fred Bennett is looking good so far today. All over Chad Johnson. 1 pick and nearly another.

Update to the Rod Black Drinking Game: if he calls Chad Johnson "Ochocinco," drink 2. If he calls Bo Levi Mitchell "Bo Mitchell," drink 3.

:D :D :D

Fumble by Whitaker and the Stamps have the ball deep in the Als end. Higgins's challenge is likely to fail.

Reply gives the Als the ball punt.

A day with Rod Black in the booth wouldn't be the same without us remembering that Josh Bartel is from Down Under. Put the piano wire down, Duane. LOL

Smith's arm needs a tuneup or some type of re-calibration. Something is missing.

Wait a second ... Troy Smith won the Heisman Trophy? Huh! Thanks Rod!

Well ... The former Buckeye is not looking good. Struggling with accuracy & throwing the ball too hard IMHO.