Larks at Nags Game Thread (Oct.1, 8:30 pm et, TSN)

Alouettes at Stampeders
Today at 8:30pm et/5:30pm pt

Also available on TSN HD and with live streaming and live blog's game preview is at .

We shall see if the Stamps rebound from a FLAT performance last week. If both teams play to their best level, it ought to be a classic shootout!

Oski Wee Wee,


I'm looking forward to this matchup. Last year Montreal won both; 40-27 at McMahon and 32-11 at Molson. Montreal is the defending champion so Calgary will be looking to win this one for sure. So I say;

Flicker, Flicker, Flicker.........POW.......POW.........Go Red and White, Show it to me :rockin:

This should be a good tilt. Hank will be looking to make amends for last week, AC wants to prove he still has the right stuff, possible GC preview if our OC can't keep his noggin out of his rectum.

TSN's coverage will begin momentarily.

Kickoff is now... :wink:

Burris-to-Bryant...BOMB TD...WOW!

7-0 Nags

Burris-to-Rambo -- HUGE TD! That was a YAC-yard special!

14-0 Nags...Als need to wake up! LOL

Where is everyone?

I mean.... they're on the field.... just not in here. I just got home and flipped on the game.

Montreal is on the move, but not before the big skookum Burris pass/run play; huge yards and a TD to boot. 14-0 Calgary.

Well, they are missing a bomb drill! LOL

Calvillo-to-Hawkins -- TD Als...

14-7 Calgary with the imminent convert

Duval got tangled up there...could be a factor tonight!

WOOHOOO A Montreal thumping commencing!!


Hiya Russ.... I trust things are well?

I am not an Als yeah! LOL

LOL.. very true!!

The Als secondary has unveiled its latest look:

Scoreboard update:

Ben Cahoon catches: 1001

Ben Cahoon drops: 25*


    • Please note that figure is off the top of my head… :wink: