Larks at Mosquito Excitement Game Thread, June 27, 9pm et

Alouettes at Blue Bombers (TSN)
Tonight at 9pm et/6pm pt
Also available on TSN Mobile TV

Hi folks!

Another season of CFL game threads begins tonight as Montreal takes on Winnipeg. Hope to see you here!

Catch the TSN preview at .

Oski Wee Wee,


I'll be here for a bit, late game and EARLY rise for me means part time participation, good to see the threads back..

Man, does that stadium look awesome.

I'm not saying a word, and the others here are all getting mad because of our stadium sucks according to them.

It's pretty funny.

Here's their old stadium. Look familiar?

They have a nice stadium but those gold walls are hideous

Kickoff is imminent.

Not sure why so many are convinced Buck gives the Bummers the best chance to win... he is consistently one of the worst QBs statistically in the league when he DOES play

Well, you know HTD...he looks heroic when he falls on what's left of his shield. Their D is not going to bail him out like they did two years ago.


No flag on the headbutt??

Buck is picked... FIRST toss...LMFAO

case in point. lol

Als score the first TD ever in IGF

1990! LMAOOO

7-0 Als.

Visiting team TDs will be a blur, so it is nice to put that on the record.


Carrier flies down the field...14-0 Als on the punt return TD

ha ha 14 zip

Cue a few more 2nd and 7 handoffs from the Gary Crowton Crayola Playcalling School...

Bummers look great :lol:

14-3 Als now after Palardy drills a 7-iron shot for the Peg FG.

All that pre season rest has done wonders for this Bummer team!!