Larks at Mosquito Excitement Game Thread, Fri Aug 22 8:30pm

Fri, 22 Aug 2014
Montreal at Winnipeg
8:30 PM et

TSN's coverage will begin at 8 pm et. I expect more of the same from Montreal's offense, so it's Peg's game to lose.

Oski Wee Wee,

Russ <<'s pre-game preview of tonight's game.

Oski Wee Wee,


Why do you use such stupid headings for your posts? Why don't you put Alouettes vs Blue Bombers?

I had to post this as there are so many of us who think this is childish.

Many people don't post on this forum anymore because it's become more of a "social" forum than a Tiger-Cats forum. I know all of the regulars who post 1000's of posts will defend your geeky titles, but come on this should be a football forum, to discuss football. Not a forum where people like you post pictures and topics that have nothing to do with the CFL.

Your posts, for the most part belong on or

Please just post Montreal vs Winnipeg and grow up pal.

So says the poster who only signed up today and has all of two posts to his credit (and both posts are identical).


I hate the Bombers, but am afraid that they will be tough at home against the Als.

Alex Brink is not a starting QB. Huge mistake not having a better backup plan for Smith, Popp.

Marsh and Crompton are the backups to Brink tonight. There is not a lot of wiggle room there if Brink is going to be bailing out of the pocket or being Captain Checkdown as per his m.o. Marsh had flashes last year where he made plays, but he locks in to his primary receiver way too much. Brink may be the only option the Als have and that isn't saying much.

Would rather see the Bombers win than the Als. We'll see how much "fight" they have in them wearing those signature uniforms! :wink:

Those uniforms.... .are absolutely horrendous!!

Hello to my fellow less-than-true fan, HTD!


lol.. Hi Russ...

I mean.. seriously?

And that Bob Young fellow too... too geekish for his own good, apparently. Burp.



Both offenses seem to be stalling early

Good defensive battle, kind of, early on zzzzzzzz's :stuck_out_tongue:

Certainly does make for a slow start, and boring

Nice feature on Lirim Hajrullahu (I'll eventually figure out how to spell that if it isn't right! :slight_smile: ) on the pregame show.

Don't mind the BBs unis but would have put gold instead of light blue in the camo print. As they are they look like wannabe Blew players. :wink:

Lots of defensive play thus far.

[url=]viewtopic.php?f=5&t=9986[/url] <<< some archaeology for those not-true fans who remember my contributions in a more zealous time. ;)

The anti-aircraft flak on the Skeeters' helmets is a little counter-intuitive, but I digress.

Do you have any specifics about the jist of the feature? I missed it..

Punters have been busy tonight, 1-0 Bummers after the punt single...

Nice to see Dave STala in the lineup for the meadowlarks! :thup: