Larks at Mosquito Excitement Game Thread, Aug. 3, TSN, 8 pm

Alouettes at Blue Bombers
August 3
8:00 pm et / 5:00 pm pt

Go Als!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,


TSN’s pre-game show is on now…with Doug Brown on the panel.

And he starts off by saying the Bombers are better than there 1-4 record. What a homer.

To the victor go the roll of toilet paper!

Thank god I have a musical to attend tonight :smiley:

Has Hamilton ever had a Home Slice in the booth or on the TSN panel pumping up our tires during our darkest years in the mid 2000's or ever haha?

Kickoff is imminent.

Duane Forde does commentary and he played for the Cats, Darren Flutie was on the CBC panel and Chris Schultz does admit that he was a Tiger-Cat fan as a kid. But no one of Brown-Stegall proportions.

Als get a punt single. 1-0. Skeeters are drowning! LOL

Just in time to see the Larks score a TD.. .lol and Winnipig fans thought they had a chance!!!

Calvillo to Richardson for the TD. Bombers are asleep.


Evenin' Russ.... and everyone else who is here tonight!

Learnin' from Bucky always pays off

It's Lake Winnipegcirrhosis out there!

wow, Whittaker is dissecting them skeeters

LMFAO 12 TWELVE net yards!!!

Winnipig rules!!!

A Sean Whyte chipshot FG makes it 11-0.

Whats up with Green? He should have made that catch

Justin Palardy makes it 11-3.

Fun to watch Bummers struggle!!