Larks at Maritime Tigers, Sat. Sept. 21, 4 pm et

Bruce with the offside! He should know better! Als doing a nice job of beating themselves up already with two penalties and the Ticats haven't had to do anything yet! :lol:

Good job D..

Now it's the O's turn... start big guys!!

From the looks of things, I'm betting there are more people in Moncton watching the CFL than in Saputo Stadium to watch the Impact... So much for soccer becoming the next big thing... :lol:

Gutsy move? Or lack of respect for the Als defence?

Wow, MTL sure likes vinyl


What a catch by Jones.. hangs on after the big hit.. FD CATS!!!!

what a grab oj!

I thought for sure that was going to be an overthrow. Nice leaping grab by Jones.

Offense moving a bit by fits and start - but it is moving! :smiley:

Gutsy move. While the Als offense is a bit of a joke, their defense is still formidable and shouldn't be taken lightly and I would think Austin knows this.

But then again you wouldn't know it by Jones being so wide open twice, and Gable running for a first down...

Rookie get his first CFL FG... Congrats!!

Lauther for 3...

A kicker numbered 76? Um, okay.... :?

Thought there should have been PI on that toss to Grant in the end zone. Lauther good on the kick and into the wind! Good to have a Maritimer kicking for us today! :smiley: :thup: TD next time!

#75 - Tommy Joe Coffey (Granted, he was also a receiver....)

I'm thinking #44 is more of a bizarre number for a kicker.

as long as he gets his '3' who cares what number he wears. Could be zero for all I care. Whoops, already taken by Rico. :wink:

I watched the Montreal game last week and they had a lot of trouble picking up the blitz; you'll probably see the Cats bring a lot more pressure this game.


When did we get Bo Smith back?!?!


Didn't see much pressure and Green has the TD! Time for the Ticats to get moving! :thdn: