Larks at Maritime Tigers, Sat. Sept. 21, 4 pm et

Sat September 21
Montreal at Hamilton (in Moncton)
4 pm et /1 pm pt

A BIG game for the Cats to establish themselves firmly in second place. Hope to see most of you here!

Oski Wee Wee,


Tiger-Cats 55
Alouettes 14

A nice day in Moncton -- sure much better than today's weather in Guelph. However, it's not ideal for Lauther's first CFL game with winds forecast to be up the length of the field, from the south, @ 25 km/hr with gusts over 40.

Henry Burris needs to average 344 yrds /gm for 7 games to get to 6,000 yrds passing for the season.

Hank needs 344 yrds to equal the great Ron Lancaster’s (50,535 yrds)

Win will put us back at .500 and 2 full games ahead of Montreal with 6 games to play.

Montreal is on a short week after traveling back from BC last game.

This is a BIG GAME for us and I say we will be ready!

Hamilton wins 35 - 6

I’m sure the team are happy to be playing in sunny Moncton rather than rainy Guelph! :lol:

Good thing it is nice weather and not raining,
It is a natural grass field

But will it be a sellout at a much smaller configuration?

C'mon secondary! I know you can shine today!

                       WE'RE #1    GO CATS GO!!!!!!!!

Not a nice gesture to teach a young mind. What's wrong with people (adults) these days? If this was my grandson, his parents would get an ear full from me. And, no I'm not a prude or religious person.

Pic was probably from a Cat-Argo game......Mr.Lahie's Grandson and Uncle Randy!!!! :cowboy:

Great, I tune into the game and this stupid soccer crap is on...

It's almost game time is broadcasting the Mac game. I hope it ends pretty soon


4PM, and I am still watching Van/Mtl MLS game… WHY???

change it over already!!

Just over 3mins left in the 4th

Mac is down 24-16

Hi folks!

Five minutes of bad acting time, sorry, that's "injury" time. At least no post-game interviews. They made it in time for the game intro.

Let's see whether we benefit from roam field advantage. Better than rainy Guelph, I guess.


lol Just saw Bruce13 giving an oskee-wee-wee…

Woot Montreal is going the right way... for us...