Larks at Leos Game thread (Sept. 4, 10:30pm ET, TSN)'s preview is at

The big question tonight is: will the Lions have ANY run defence fixes after Fred Reid's road grading of them? If not, Avon Cobourne will run wild tonight!

Oski Wee Wee,


I think the Lions will shut it down a little in the running department. I still pick the Als by a 32-23 score.

The real question is why in H.E. Double Hockey Sticks does this game have to start at 10:30 pm?

UNFORTUNATELY I got 1 more night shift before Labour Day FESTIVITIES can begin, so this will be my ONLY post on this matter.

For the RECORD, I'm looking for the Leo's to turn the corner tonight. Their MAJOR problem thus far has been TURNOVERS. Their poor RUN DEFENSE, not withstanding, if they are able to take care of the PIGSKIN then they will emerge VICTORIA-S (sic) ... Wally will have his troops ready, the crowd should be lively, and BC should PREVAIL.

Here's to an ENTERTAINING tilt.


US Open?

The US Open was in July.

The tennis version.

And THE US Open Chess Tournament was in August. :wink:

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Oski Wee Wee,


Wouldn’t it be cool if the tennis and chess US Opens could be combined? Sexy Russian ladies in short white dresses leaning over a chess board trying to decide whether to castle the king or not?

20 minutes til kick-off…

Well, MORE sexy Russian ladies... :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: << all hail the queen! :wink:

Larks Cheerleaders are hotter.

Sorry, I was thinking of a forced mate...



TSN coverage of the game begins momentarily.

Big bomb -- Calvillo to Richardson

Watkins fumble, BC recovers.

One question; how does Black say "Calvillo gets it away quickly"...and AC STILL HAS THE BALL? LMAO

BC goes two-and-out, Als ball.

Lions are getting pressure on AC -- BC is trying to find a rhythm on offense, Jarious Jackson is starting tonight at QB.

I used to think the best part of attending a TiCats game was getting the chance to contribute via noise during the opposing offence adjustments. Now I'm thinking it's not having to listen to Rod Black and Dwayne Ford.

0-0 after one quarter. Not quite the auspicious start to Labour Day weekend in the CFL that I was hoping for...but at least the Lions D seems stouter. A competitive game so far.


Forde is okay to me. It's Black. Football flatliner.

That was crazy! LOL

Hage's snaps are not LADDER jobs like that one!

7-0 Als

Deslaurier looks nicked up after the TD -- turf monster?

BIG gaff by the Leos... oh BTW... hi guys!!