Larks at Leos Game Thread, Sat. Jul. 18, 7pm et

Sat July 19
Montreal at B.C.
7pm et/4pm et

Two 1-2 clubs go at it in Vancouver on Saturday evening as Montreal travels to B.C. The Als' history at BC Place is one of a chamber of horrors. Not sure that will change. We shall see.

Oski Wee Wee,


10-0 BC after the Glenn-to-Arceneaux strike. The Als are following their usual form when visiting the Left Coast.

I predict a Lions win. Even AC used to play poorly at BC Place and Smith is NO AC! :roll:

Als managed a FG late in the first so 10-3 Leos.

10-3 Leos early in the second quarter. Rod Black is going all gooey over the prodigious throw of Troy Smith into triple coverage. The Michael Bishop Fan Club is filing an envious complaint.

Well nice try Higgins - BC wins their challenge - Stafford didn't catch the ball- so you decide to challenge that there was PI which of course was hogwash!! :lol:

:lol: :lol: And of course there was the inevitable Stafford-Carter connection that just HAD to be mentioned! :roll:

BTW did you know that Smith has a throwing arm like Burris? :roll: :roll:

Ah now let's gush about Chip Cox who has 11 tackles this season :roll: Didn't rookie Michael Coe have 12 tackles in his ONE game against the Esks?? :rockin:

13-3 Lions at the three-minute warning, first half. The Als are flat!!

I don't think I've ever seen the Als play well on the west coast and face it BC is VERY motivated to win and get revenge for their loss in Montreal a couple of weeks ago.

I see that Higgins is now challenging a missed PI again! That is his 2nd challenge in the half!

Yeah BC Way to block the Als attempt to punt!! :rockin:

What a great punt block by BC on Whyte and a semi-truck roll down the highway with Taylor! BC is threatening.

TD BC pending the automatic review.

The TD was overturned on review...the Lions just punched it in from the one-yard line. It should be 20-3 BC now. It the hole the Als are on just got another foot deeper.

I predict that the Offensive player of the week will be a Lion - they are the only team this week that has generated much offense! Every other game has been a defensive battle with little offense.

Well Troy Smith has a whopping 9 yard passing at the half and the Als have racked up a whole 60 yds of offense. Yep they're flat all right!

Montreal's offence stinks almost as much as ours.

I believe the Als have more two-and-outs, I think. The one extra win IS important though. :wink:

Gee I think we all know who Chad Johnson is and personally I don't care if he has 66 parking tickets in Montreal. How is that relevant to anything? I doubt that he's the only non-Francophone who's had language problems in La Belle Province :roll: :roll:

Arcenaux with his 3nd TD of the night to put the Leos up by another 7 - 27-3. Manny Arcenaux for OPW honours! :smiley:

So how many yards did Smith lose on that run to avoid the sack??