Larks at Leos Game Thread, Nov. 5, 10 pm et, TSN

Saturday, November 5
Montreal at BC

Depending on the result of the earlier Bombers-Stamps tilt, this game could have huge significance for the Als re first place. As for the Lions, their destiny is in their own hands re first in the West.

I may be on for this, otherwise I will catch it on the VOD.

Oski Wee Wee,


First quarter, Leos looking much sharper than Larks. Up 14 to 1, Larks looking lethargic so far.

24 - 1 Leos at the half. SJ Green and Brandon Whittaker both banged up and left the game.
Not looking good for Larks.

24-1 BC at the half.

Yes, that's right, there were no typos in that previous sentence.

The MTL offence sure hasn't been getting far. They haven't looked to be at their best. Climie sounds like he's making excuses for them.

I wonder if MTL should have conceded safety before the second BC TD. The Whyte punt was short, BC did not have far to go to get TD.

I know they say that no lead is safe in the CFL. But right now, it looks like we're going to the Big Owe next Sunday. And the Als could have a 10-8 record this season. Who predicted that?

I think BCs downfall is peaking a tad too early..... no way the Lions win 15 of their last 16 to win the Cup

gotta admit, Lulay is looking sharp tonight.

Great second reads and very mobile in and out of the pocket.

Methinks Lulay wants the MOP award… :slight_smile:

Didn't Whitaker return?

But I haven't seen Green back since he took that hit.

252-59 net yards for BC.
236-66 passing yards for BC.



It is quite the second half of the season BC has had, after a first half they'd rather forget.

With Winnipeg, it was the other way around.

Or you could look at it that they have won 2 of their last three, or 4 of their last five if they win the Cup.

Don’t forget we routed the Leos a couple games back…ahhhh the good old days… :wink:

I'm strictly going on their 0-5 start

From the looks of tonight's game. .Montreal needs to dump their washed up QB, replace their declining O line, fire their mediocre HC and run that miserable excuse of a GM out of town as well!!!

THEN... kick the owner in the shins and run away giggling

I know...just looking at it from a different perspective.

If my Cats don't make the final, I'd love to see the Leos win it for the BC fans who were gypped by the Nucks choke.

Ah, in other words, the things that get suggested here after Ticat losses. :slight_smile:

Though hopefully there won't be riots...

Harris gets TD as Als D still looks like Swiss cheese. 31-1.


Yes, I saw what you did there.

After Lulay threw a pick, there was a good return of it, but Als got nothing off the turnover.

That guy with the drum looks like he's had a few cans of Red Bull. :slight_smile:

McCallum good from 38 to make it 34-1 BC.

I'm sure Bellefeuille and the Ticats are watching this now and may be liking what they see. I'm seeing Lulay gain all these rushing yards, getting these big gains, maybe he's thinking Porter could do that.

McPherson replaces Calvillo! It's like Trestman chose to wave the surrender flag!

OK, now this is getting ridiculous. :slight_smile:

McPherson pick nearly returned for TD. Don't know what was with Lulay throwing to a triple-covered Simon, but it looks like McCallum will make it 37-1 BC to start the 4th quarter.

BC got a scare as Lulay was down. Why he was still out there with a 37-1 lead and the Als giving Calvillo the rest of the night off, I don't know. But he's appears to be OK.

Now Ferri being helped off the field. Als have been getting banged up in addition to being blown out.


Montreal is ripe for the picking next week... they are hurting... literally, and their morale HAS to be shattered now

It's looking like Als may not even get a field goal as BC recovers fumble when MTL offence was getting to FG range.

Zero points for Als since that opening drive punt single. They can't like that going into the EDSF.