Larks at Leos Game Thread (July 16, 10 p.m. ET, TSN)

Lions D Is Fired up and the pressure on AC Is coming hard

What a lucky bastage Duval is...

What a Great Venue for Football :thup:

Printers on The Run at his best

That pass should have been picked off...

This has been a great game :cowboy:

Agreed.. GO BC!!

it better to be luck then good lol :lol:

Lions need a Stop bad


Nice work but lions D

Printers need to do his Job

Defence go Defence

Gonna be a great finish no matter what.. but STILL Mtl does not look dominant.. the East is open for discussion!!

it now or Never BC

Flags 1st Down BC Huge play for BC 3 down.. and BC get the Yellow hanky

All for not Montreal Picks Printers Pocket and win it

Only saw the 4th quarter, but Mr. Printers seems like the same player he was in Hamilton.