Larks at Leos Game Thread (July 16, 10 p.m. ET, TSN)

Alouettes at Lions (TSN,
Today at 10pm et/7pm pt
also available on TSN HD

Another Empire Stadium russtalgia trip for me as AC and the Als take on Casey and the Lions...

Ought to be a good way to end the TSN doubleheader tonight!'s game preview is at .

Oski Wee Wee,


should be home for this one

I hope by 2nd Quater

Go lions

Le Bump...shameless even! LOL

We shall see if the Cats can get back into the early race in the East -- a double kitty winfest work do well tonight!


Duval misses the FG…

Time to go down and get some points!!!

HTD present and accounted for!!!

Welcome, HTD!

Thx Russ... I'm here... still looking for my voice however!!!

Quite the barn burner going on here!

LMAO the scoring mammals left the barn! :wink:


Some offensive activity!!!!!!!!!


Bah! Who to cheer for!?!?! I hate Printers but I don’t want Montreal to get the 2 points :cry:

Even with the hair ball CP coughed up here.... BC is who you cheer for!!

BAD PI call there against BC

Streeker !!! Go Dude go !!

Montreal does NOT look as tough as they used to that is for sure!!

So, I suppose that means one of us here could start a thread with the title of "Montreal Looks Beatable" then? It worked for us this week. :slight_smile:

what a Catch by SJ Green

That was a spectacular catch!!!!

The stadium is a Zoo I love it GO LIONS GO