Larks at LaPolice State Game Thread, Sept. 30, 7:30 pm et

Pre-game show on TSN is imminent.

Is it the Brink of disaster? We shall see. :wink:

Whoa! Memories of the Matt Carter hit!

Indeed. I was more worried about Whitaker's knee there, but the RDS folks apparently think it is not serious.

3-0 Skeeterville after the Palardy FG.

Diedrick's TD caps off a big Als drive, highlighted by the huge Calvillo-to-Richardson hookup.

7-3 Larks

Oy, that was close!

Great play by Woldu.

Anyone out there have a PVR on this game? I thought that last Bomber FG was wide.

I’ve got a PVR. It was good.

Seeing where the returner caught the ball, it looked like it should have been wide, but freeze frame clearly shows the ball pass in front of the upright.

So at what point can the term "Swaggerville" be put to rest? The Bombers have lost what....4 of the last 5 games?????

How about now? :wink:

A win tomorrow for the tabbies would put them 2 points behind their next 2 opponents, the Als and the Bombers, A first place finish would be entirely possible.

Just got home from work... things seem right in the world again.... although the Bummer D just scored... sigh!!

The Bummer slide is upon us..... good bye Swaggerville. .welcome back Mosquitoville

Geez...I had to open my big mouth. The Bombers aren't out just yet.

I have confidence in AC.

Absolute pure unadulterated bull shit

Not only was the ball nowhere near any receiver...but Carr hung himself all over the defender and then dove. If I was the Als....a tape of that call better be Purolated to CFL head office and that official should be released ASAP.

Except the last play...YES!!!

:D :D :D

I wonder if the control centre was telling the ref..."You guys blew that last PI penalty....end the game NOW!"

I never assume the CFL is that organized. :wink: LOL