Larks at LaPolice State Game Thread (Sept. 24, 7:30 pm et)

ALs' leading special teams tackler:

lol the Spies are just terrible

Winnipeg has found QB depth in a unique place:

WHOA what a flip LOL


Time for Drexl's favourite CFL play! LMAO

10-2 Winnipeg -- four safeties to go! :wink:

The Winnipeg fan boards are humming now:

even a blind squirrel finds a nut right Jyles?

Game on!

10-9 after the Edwards TD

Notice how good things happen when you stretch the field. Is anybody in Ticat offices watching?????




What about the blind chicken that finds the odd kernel of corn? Means the same I guess.

Not to be too technical but none of the coaches work out of the Ticat offices. The only member of football ops that reside there is Obie. All the football ops are run right at IWS.

Instant Replay of that TD:

17-10 Spies

Nice catch and run for a TD by Carr.

16-10 Spies

WOW..Montreal is playing real poorly

Watkins done for the night!

Duval is wide on the FG

Still 16-10