Larks at LaPolice State Game Thread, Oct. 22, 2:30pm et, TSN

Alouettes vs Blue Bombers
Today at 2:30pm et/11:30am pt

First place is up for grabs as the Als take on the Bombers in Winnipeg. Ought to be a good game...go Als!

I might not be on here during the game, but I will catch it on the TSN Video-On-Demand game archive on Sunday, I will be on the Leos-Cats GT later tonight.

Oski Wee Wee,


10-9 Bummers after a Boreham punt single in the second

15-10 monrealers after another 2 Whytes....

Whittaker runs in for a try

22-10 monrealers in the third

Side note,

I have ABSOLUTELY no idea, how jamie boreham is allowed to even step foot onto a cfl field or play in a cfl game. I know hes somewhat athletic, and knows how to hit, but he is, THE worst punter I have ever seen at any level of football in my life......lapolice and boreham making complete fools of themselves makes the CFL look bad....... :thdn: :oops:

25-10 monreal after another whyte

whyte has 19 pts today :o

Good punt return gives them field position.

OOPS! off the upright

where would the Bombers be without that staid defense...

miss a field goal yet get a turnover next play.. :o

Yo, then Calvinillo throws a pick :thup:

OMFG Black!!....

"Can you believe this Bomber defense?"

huh?!?!?! because they caught a TIPPED ball?????

I'm so glad we will not have to listen to him tonight!!

Oh would you look at that???????

get your shoes and socks on folks we has a game here,

25-20 larks with 6 mins ion the 4th

Calvillo: 5 interceptions all year; 3 today.

holy crap! the Bombers get the ball back

Uh.. Cox didn't grab Denmark

only in the CFL another nail biter

Well the Als handed a win over... sigh!


unbelievable..Calvillo was an uncharacteristic 12 of 34 for 174 yds and 3 INT's.

I don't ever recollect him having such a poor game..maybe at the start of his career but..
And I wouldn't say that he was terrible as much as the Bomber defense is a tank and stopped him cold.

Another strange one. :?