Larks at Gang Green Game Thread, Sat. Aug. 17, 4 pm et

Alouettes at Roughriders (TSN)
Today at 4pm et/1pm pt

I think this game is pretty much going to tell whether the Als decline is a case of something capable of being checked or if they are really going into the tank. The Riders at home should be loaded for bear because it is a stand of sorts.

I don't know how much I will be able to participate in this thread. Enjoy the game regardless!

Oski Wee Wee,


TSN's pre-game preview is at .

Oski Wee Wee,


I don't give the Als much of a chance here

Game is sold out, 40000+ fans will be in attendance today @ Taylor field, supposedly third largest crowd for a football game in Taylor Field history, looks great on TV!

Sky of blue, sea of green? Typical Rider enthusiasm.

Well surprise surprise Als take first blood with a FG! Would have been a TD - looks like AC overthrowing his receivers to me.

Is Creehan double dipping the Als defense?!?

With labour day already sold out, theyll look to have 45000+ at the game when the temp west stands finally go online. I can see the riders averaging 40000+ a game by years end! Its sweet to see the CFL being so prosperous these days!

Sean Whyte makes it 3-0 meadow larks after Calvillo can't hit a wide open SJ Green in the endzone....

hi folks1

Nice catch Dressler for the Green TD

Hi Russ

TD for the Roughies. But to me they don't look as dominant as they did the first few games.

Durant to Dressler and it's 7-3 Riders now. Hi HTD!

Durant hits Dressler at the back of the endzone for a 22 yard strike,

7-3 Greens

Sheets forgot his sticky for his hands! :smiley:
Fumble and then missed catch! Lots of D so far - not surprising!

AB3 still balling for Montreal!!!

What a run!

Anyone expecting the Als to win this one? I give the edge to the Riders especially at home.

OK AC down - Do they go with Marsh or Neiswander? AC's got to be out a few plays at the very least.

Calvillo gets popped by Foley…hes out for 3 plays or more…

Sean Whyte misses from 45, Dressler takes a knee,

4-7 meadowlarks

AC is down...not a good landing off the Foley hit. He looked slow heading off. Who goes in? Clipboard A or B? Ugh.

Guess we'll find out after the commercial! LOL! :smiley: