Larks at Gang Green Game Thread, Sat Aug 16, 7pm et

Sat August 16
Montreal at Saskatchewan
7pm et/4pm pt

Roadkill of bleu, blanc, et rouge.

Too many cooks and a broth with problems throwing an accurate pass. That is a mixed metaphor and I'm sticking to it. LOL

Als are in deep here.

Oski Wee Wee,

Russ << The pre-game preview on

Of note is the announcement that Troy Smith has been put on the six-game injured list. It is Alex Brink's opportunity to try to right the wreck of the Als' passing attack. Methinks Montreal is closer to the brink of disaster than solving this mess. We shall see.

Oski Wee Wee,


The second half of the TSN CFL doubleheader is approaching. See you here!

Oski Wee Wee,


Larks may have lost their kicker - not sure who they have to back up. He took a hellacious hit to the head by #37 Green after he missed the FG and was running to help tackle. NO flag of course on the green guys :thdn: :thdn:

Als are actually putting a drive together - or were until Hurl recovered a Whittaker fumble :oops: Green guys have had NO offense to speak of so far. Good thing they have a defense! :roll:

What happened to Sean Whyte? Just tuned in....

All the rides had to do to the complete the watermelon look tonight was have red numbers on their jerseys instead of the white and black dot numbers :lol:

Bartel makes it 1-0 Rides

The Riders look like Human Watermelons

Missed a FG ( :o ) then took a head shot in open space while running to help with the tackle of the returner. Looks like he is back in though so I guess he is OK. With head shots one never knows.

MIlo with the FG 4-0 Green guys - sounds like a baseball game :roll:

4-1 Riders, second quarter. Yawn. LOL

Maybe we should refer to them as the watermelons instead of gang green?? :lol:

I would think Dave Stala if he's active. Chad Johnson has kicked field goals before.We are going to see. LOL

I think it's a tribute to Gorn, from Star Trek.

Stala is there on the sidelines but heard that Johnson was injured (hamstring) so didn't even travel west. However I think I did see Whyte back on the field but it was a nasty hit.

Whyte with the FG to even the score at 4 all. Guess he was OK

What a SILLY gamble by Higgins, even if it worked.

4-4 tie at halftime. The Riders are flat while the Als are who what we think they are.

Josh Bartel is from Australia???

Must be those new jerseys - the melonheads don't remember who they are. :lol: They will likely end up winning ugly - something like the game last night - not that I would want to see the Larks win of course.