Larks at Gang Green Game Thread (July 1, 7 p.m. ET, TSN)

WOW.... AC picked off on his FIRST attempt of the year... ooooooo could it be????

Calvillo peeked off LOL

Oops...whoopsy on the first series!

Whoa, that was quick! Pick!

Richardson not hanging on means Riders will almost certainly get 1st points of CFL season!

Nice Catch on Bobbled Balled

Wouldn’t be surprised by a Gang Green pushback tonight!


RTP on the Als...!

Well a FG to open the scoring.......

3-0 Riders

Nice stop by the Al’s 3 point try is good 3-0 Riders

I hate the Do what ever beer Spot

Yikes!!.. the Riders came to play!!!

AC sacked!!


Wow 2 and out The Riders are Pumped!!!

Yep. First offensive play for Als: Pick
2nd: Sack. (So much for lack of pass rush?)

You have to remember that the last time the Als played the Riders, they go off to slow start. And we know what happened after that.

is it not great to doing this threads again after the long off season

No slow start for the Green here!

Absolutely!!! Tom

Durant with the jog for the 1st down!!

yes it is

#4 Breaks Tackles and look in Midseason Form

We were chatting about the "Best QB" in the League? Everyone was dissing Durant?

Tonight we get to see some truth...

Interesting to see handoff to Dressler, and he made right call to throw it away.

After Getzlaf overthrown, it seems the offences might still have kinks to work out, rust to get rid of. It is week 1 after all.