Larks at Evil Incarnate Game Thread, Sat Oct 18, 4 pm et

But Lawless, in an interview on TSN, suggested that his former teammates in Winnipeg thought Grigsby had quit on them....

Heading into the final stretch of the season, what if Grigsby does not produce and the Cats need to bring in Carter or Ojuri??

Is Grigsby going to throw a pout or leave town on them???

That's twice that Owens has been sloppy with the ball. This time he gave it up....

Former Jacksonville Jaguar in the National Football League Chad Owens with a big fumble there......

It's comforting as a Tiger Cat fan, that some blue traditions don't change!!!!!

I just realized (looked up his bio) we was cut from both Jacksonville and Indianapolis because his top talent is muffing punt returns....... :expressionless:

Re Grigsby:

Well, Mke O'Shea quit on Hamilton...maybe this is karma?

Couldn't resist...

:D :D :D

Seriously though, there are two sides to every story. If Austin can keep Grigsby's head on straight, more is more.

He's fumbled as a receiver too....You might say he's an every occasion bumbler

Good point, Russ!!!

I just wouldn't want to see the chemistry in Hamilton's locker room affected....

Blew offense is sputtering....and now lineup confusion.....I'm enjoying this more and more!!!!!

Then I wonder why he doesnt play for the Bummers? :lol:

Side Note:

As Glen Suitor or Rod Black would have told us 15 times already this game “Lavon Brazill is a former NFLer and former Indianapolis Colt on the dropped pass there”

I'd say that so far the Larks D is doing a good job of beating up on RR and friends! Surprised the score is as close as it is.

10-6 at the half.

That was another stupendous six-point first half performance by the greatest quarterback of all the great quarterbacks, Ricky Ray!!! My teeth hurt, Duane Forde.

Why would Mike O’Shea stay with a “Pathetic Organization” during his career like the Hamilton Tiger Cats, as claimed by Bummer fans on this forum in years past but who have been decidedly quiet on these Ticat forums in the past 12 months :lol:

Bring Grigsby on Board I say :smiley:

Fixed it for ya :lol:

We have to remember to include a player's historical and highly important connection to the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE when giving Glen SUitor or Rod Black quotations :thup:

He was looking for a penalty there and considering one Larks defender was holding him back to keep him from getting to the ball while another scooped it up, he could have a point. I thought the Ticats got called on something similar in a game some time ago.


Do you realize, K/P, that you just provided them with prep for their next game!!!!!!

That's possible judging by the amount of his crying and whining!!!

Just curious, Russ, do you know if Black's teeth are real?? I think they're too perfect. Bet, he uses Polident.

I was reflecting on the CFL season so far, Duane Forde. Do you realize that Ricky Ray, Duron Carter, Luke Tasker, and the Aussie Rules Footballer Josh Bartel share something in common? Each has an "a" in their last name!! Even the Hall of Fame fathers Cris Carter and Steve Tasker share that. If I think about it any more, I will wet myself.