Larks at Evil Incarnate Game Thread, Sat Oct 18, 4 pm et

Saturday, October 18, 2014
4:00 PM ET
Montreal at Toronto

This is a huge game. I have to predict Evil here because the game is in Toronto and the Als offense often lays lark eggs on the road.

Oski Wee Wee,


I hope it's a tough, hard-fought, physical, grind 'em out, brutal, punishing battle of a football game. The fans deserve no less.

so here's hoping for a tie :lol:

I would prefer a Lark win. Hard fought physical game that produces a lot of 'dented' players on both sides

If Ray lights it up tonight he'll likely lay an egg against us next week but I just can't cheer for the Arhols.

Hi folks!

Hi Russ!

Well so far the Larks are dropping like flies with Sticky Stala being the latest casualty - knocked over awkwardly while trying to block.

Whyte with the FG to match Waters earlier try for a 3-3 tie.

Noticed that Toronto/Montreal were playing soccer - ended just before this one started - and lo and behold it ended in a tie! Won't happen with this game though.

Duron Carter down after landing on the football but probably not out for long.

Als are up by 10-3 after the Crompton-to-Green hookup. It is now early in the second quarter.

so who should I hope to win this game?? Or, maybe, just hope they beat the crap out of each other???

Well we have Larks with a TD to the Blew with a 2nd FG. 10-6 Larks

Interesting stat that they offered that the blew team passes 70% of the time. Would that not be comparable to what Hamilton does??

And they haven’t dealt with the Oline and RB injuries that the Tiger Cats have…

Well so far they are doing a good job of that - Blew FS CB Johnson just went down. At least three Larks have gone down but Carter is back on the field now. Well he was - now down again sandwiched between 2 blew players!

Gary Lawless in Winnipeg tweets that Grigsby is coming to Hamilton... Anybody hear about this?

Expect Nic Grigsby to sign with #ticats early this week #bombers #cfl deal is all but complete #bn @CFLonTSN

Can't blame London on that throw....Crompton's throw took so long to get there, Black had more than enough time to get back.

Virtually NO ONE in the league has dealt with the injuries the Ticats have. Blew team has had lots of receivers down though.

Crompton like to air it out too - although with Whittaker out again they pretty much just have Sutton or does Rodger play RB?

There were tweets from Drew that Hamilton had some interest but were waiting to see how this last game went.

Not sure if this would be a good signing. Not that Grigsby isn't a good player, but I wonder about his attitude.

Haven't they played him out of the backfield??? I thought I saw that in other games....

This would not surprise me. If he can cut down on turnovers, he would be a huge pick up.