Larks @ Arks - Aug 4th

anyone watching this epic battle?

Uh oh.. the blew team is in trouble.. 1st pass of the game nets The Als a huge gain of 42 yards

TD Greene

Larks 7
bad ugly guys 0

I'm torn on who to cheer for.

Als are tied with us right now... and I want to win the division this year... but I really hate the Argos.

Such a tough decision.

Don't cheer for either..... the Als are gonna smoke the blew team.. it's already decided

I'm confused too as to who to cheer....its much easier to boo both of them...maybe the Als could do us a favour and beat up the argos good...

The argos are keeping up with the Als...and Lemon is playing....someone test me for sobriety....

LOL… no kidding WTF is going on???

maybe the Als are that bad!!!!!!?????


The law of averages proves things can only be a certain way for so long. It's due time another team or two rise to the top in the east. They just might be back to their 2007 standard again. Let the Arks (love the name) not be one of those that rise. :slight_smile:

the als cant seem to get the offence going....their defence is holding the fort for them...

Hey zenstate:

If that's the case I will try to hold back the tears of disappointment for them....on second thought I'm enjoying the new development too much!!!!

Wow.. they both look awful defensively..... mind you the Als are picking it up

Great catch by Richardson!

All set up by the Lemon INT.

Lemon sucking again... what else is new?

with any luck that should have been an argo td....someone blew it big in the als secondary....

All in all an entertaining 1st half... rather surprising IMO


Cleo bringing new meaning to the phrase "go suck a lemon"

I am shocked Barker has stuck with him for so long......mind you Bell is not much of an upgrade!