Lark on 4th. and Long Spike TV this monday

Al's Andrew Hawkins will be participating in the first run of 4th. and long starting this monday on Spike TV for those interested.

Andrew on the right.

Andrew Hawkins barely makes it to 5-foot-8 wearing cleats, so it's easy to see why NFL teams weren't too interested in him.

With his background as a two-way starter in college, 4.3 speed and a great smile, it's also easy to see why the little guy earned a spot on Michael Irvin's reality TV show.

Filming of "Fourth and Long" began this week and Hawkins is typical of the 12 finalists: skilled, experienced, still in his 20s, just looking for his big chance.

And eager. Very, very eager.

"I'll play left tackle if they want me to," Hawkins said Wednesday. "If they want me to walk to Oklahoma and get them cheesecake, to get on the Dallas Cowboys, that's just what I have to do."

Well after watching 3 episodes. Of all the guys on the show. I think Hawkins has so far shown he's the most complete ball player. The last two weeks were contact drills and he was head and shoulder above the other guys and they are all bigger then he is.
Yes it's edited and a reality show but the drills are what they are. I think if he's at the Als camp, he is legit and could make the roster.

I know the finale is tonight and Andrew is still alive...

I just checked Wikipedia for fun since I didn't really follow all the episodes...(I know that anyone with an Internet connection can change the open-source Wikipedia to reflect what they want):

Amongst the Stars

First aired July 20, 2009

* Winner: Andrew Hawkins
* Runner up: Jesse Holley
* Cut: Eddie Moten and Ahmaad Smith

You can watch them on if you wish.

I think Hawk's won it and that Jim is going to let him go to camp with the Cowboys. Jim's always been fair and given guys their opportunity.

Jesse Holley wins the thing with a big game 7 catch, 135 yards and two TD. Great job Hawk...

I think the fumble with a couple of seconds left with the game, sealed his faith as a Cowboy....Irvin said that he was the best ST player they had and could play a lot of positions on the field...

Now, let's see him shine with the Als !!