Largest Roster in CFL?!

5- on injured
9- on 9 game
14! on practice roster
We must have a full time Cap specialist working for Bob $

The 9 players on the 9 game don't count against the cap.

Ticats have kept the rookies around.

We have 22 players eligible for rookie of the year.
Next closest teams have 14.

Here's the rookie list:

Arnaud Gascon-Nadon
Arthur Hobbs
Brett Lauther
Carl-Olivier Primé
CJ Gable
Courtney Stephen
Craig Marshall
Devin Breaux
Emanuel Davis
Erik Harris
Frédéric Plesius
Greg Ellingson
Harold Mutubola
Hasan Hazime
Jamers Rogers
Jeremiah Masoli
Joel Figueroa
John Delahunt
Lindsey Lamar
Luke Tasker
Neil King
Tavoy Moore

well we are great at starting CFL careers as well as retiring , I'll take Able Gable for rookie of the year !