Largest crowd for a Home opener

Well im not sure if you guys have been following, but we've sold as of Friday at least 24,000 tickets for Sundays game against the Stampeders.

The forecast for the game sounds terrific, I believe it's 24 or 25 degrees and sunny. I truly hope we get a great walk up crowd for this game and sell it out!

Last years home opener drew 21,000 and the largest home opener we've ever had was 27,534 in 1982.

Can we break it? I truly hope we do, it really does make a difference if you've got a loud boisterous crowd making it hard for the opposition to hear the snap count.

Im thinking 26k for sure

I just came from the ticket office.
I should have asked how many they had sold, but i did not.
The selection of tickets to choose from was very few.
A small amount in section 28 at the very top.
And a few "clumps" of seating near the top of the roofed side.
It looks lke a solid crowd for sure, very close to a sell out.

I was gonna go with my buddy, i would have had tickets a long time ago, but he told me friday that he had to bail on the game.
So anyways, I decided to go without him.
Now I have seats up in section 205.
It's all good. A bird's eye view. I haven't sat that far away since i was a child.

Im always in 102, just below the overhang so im safe of the rain :slight_smile:

Im Section 2, Row 17, Seat 11. Every Game.

Great to hear. Good to see Riders fans gathering. We all know that the more fans come the more pumped the home team gets. GO RIDERS GO BABY!!!

Not bad, there was 25842 or something. Not a bad guess on my part :stuck_out_tongue: