LaPo's wife joins Twitter trash talk

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“We’ll see, hacky sack boy!? LaPolice wrote, noting one of Stala’s eccentric touchdown celebrations. “#GoBombers.?

She seems cool so I'll follow her for awhile.

There are many other dubious voices from out west to avoid.

Oskie Wee Wee.

Hacky Sack Boy? That's all she's got? Funniest part is that she pulled that Tweet and banned the media from following her. So much for having her own opinions :lol:

To be honest, LaPolice doesn't strike me as the type of guy who goes in for that sort of thing so I'm sure he was less than thrilled. Gotta love Stala's response though.

I totally agree. Tina's a great person. Ticat fans shouldn't be too upset at this. I think it's actually funny.

I think Lapo himself probably had a good chuckle :lol:

Paul Lapolice does want to control what his players say to the media and will fine them for violations.

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Winnipeg Blue Bombers head coach Paul LaPolice said Thursday that he's had a little chat with the woman he describes as the "head coach" of his own personal organization about her use of social media this week.

LaPolice's wife, Tina LaPolice, made headlines this week when she tweeted a good-natured taunt on Tuesday aimed at Hamilton Tiger-Cats receiver Dave Stala, mocking him as "hacky sack boy" after Stala poked his own fun at the Bombers' self-styled 'Swaggerville.'

"My wife is obviously the head coach of our organization," LaPolice joked during his regular pre-game news conference at Canad Inns Stadium Thursday afternoon, "so I had to talk to her a little bit about that we don't really need to do that talk.

"We'll keep working (with her) through the media training that we do with our players."

After explaining that he would fine any of his players who taunted opposing teams in the media, LaPolice was asked if Tina LaPolice might be digging into her own purse this week. "No, but the players might get on her when they see her. I'm sure the players will be all over her."

Not really, actually. "She likes to express herself very much," said Bombers defensive tackle Doug Brown. "It's just a different media age. I tip my hat to her..."

Paul LaPolice was asked if he has given his wife -- who is a regular tweeter -- any "parameters" for her use of social media. "Uhhh, I think she sets more parameters for me -- like take out the trash, lock up the house," said LaPolice.

"I don't think she meant anything by what she said."[/b]

A much better answer than Kelly's "It's a
non-issue, it's been handled internally and I'm not talking about it". :wink:

Hilarious! (and brilliant!) :lol:

“We gave ourselves an extra day to get used to it. We haven’t had a road game where it’s been extremely loud and we expect this might be one.?

Ticats head coach Marcel Bellefeuille on pumping crowd noise in at practice this week, Hamilton Spectator, August 23

“He’s a shifty guy. He’s fast, he’s quick and we just have to believe what we see and attack it, and stop him before he can get going. We have to make him not want to get the ball anymore.?

Ticats linebacker Jamall Johnson on Bombers running back Fred Reid,, August 23

“Right now what we can do is close the gap, Winnipeg is leading us by four points in the standings so if we win this game we close that gap, we become that much closer to being in first place.?

Ticats linebacker Jamall Johnson,, August 23

"Stevie's just having fun. That's just Stevie being Stevie. That's his swag. He thinks he's the best player at his position; I can't fault the man. Everyone should feel like they're the best player at their position.That's all it is. He's just confident about what he does. I've been through it all. That little comment doesn't mean anything to me. I look forward to playing football every week."

Bombers defensive end Odell Willis, Winnipeg Free Press, August 23

“I can appreciate that we’re doing well and this whole Swaggerville thing has kind of taken (the CFL by) storm. They’re probably a little frustrated that maybe they’re not getting the respect that they deserve, but I’m not going to comment on what [Stala] said."

Bombers free safety Ian Logan, Winnipeg Sun, August 24

“We’re just going to go out and play Friday night. They’ve been doing a lot of talking this week, but I’m not going to feed back into it. We’re just going to go out and show them. That’s the best way to go.?

Bombers running back Fred Reid, Winnipeg Sun, August 24

“Ti-Cats Stala no fan of Swaggerville. ‘We’ll see what they call themselves after the game.’ We’ll see hacky sack boy! #GoBombers.?

Bombers head Coach Paul LaPolice's wife, Tina LaPolice (@tinalapo), Twitter, August 24

“The most important thing is this is a division opponent game that has huge implications because it’s the tiebreaker game. If you can win the game here you’d win the tiebreaker. They’re a good team that has won four out of their last five games, including beating Montreal. Our players are well aware how good this team is.?

Bombers head coach Paul LaPolice, Winnipeg Sun, August 24

“It could be a big hit or a turnover. Anything we can do to change the flow of the game to get the momentum on our side. They have added a little twist to [swagger] and they’re playing good. But we have to go out and match their intensity and take that from them … We’re going to steal some of that fire and show them that we’re for real. Bring them back down to earth."

Ticats linebacker Jamall Johnson, National Post, August 25

“Odell Willis, you can hear this. I am still the best defensive end in this league. You’re playing well right now, but Steeltown, we gotta do our talking on the field. We’ll see you soon.?

Ticats defensive end Stevie Baggs, The Scratching Post, August 25

“Kevin has a deep, Barry White voice that flies under the radar. We've been pretty good in loud stadiums.?

Ticats centre Marwan Hage on hearing Kevin Glenn over the sold out crowd, The Scratching Post, August 25

“Whenever you get a microphone in front of a big, lanky Canadian receiver, you start to shake in your boots a little bit, get a little nervous, get the terror night sweats before the game. Hopefully we'll be able to overcome our fears and play well.?

Bombers defensive tackle Doug Brown on Dave Stala, Winnipeg Sun, August 25

“They probably have the best offensive line that we’ve faced in this league, which makes them very proficient at running and passing the ball. Kevin’s got the veteran savvy back there at quarterback, and they’ve got weapons all over the place, including a better running game than they’ve had in years, with Cobourne back there."

Bombers defensive tackle Doug Brown, Winnipeg Sun, August 25

"As long as I don't tell (Ticats centre) Marwan Hage which one it was, I will be fine on the field. He's going to be guessing, he's going to be tap-dancing over both my feet, but hopefully I will be able to keep them out of his line of sight."

Bombers defensive lineman Doug Brown on recently revealing that he has missed the last few games with a broken big toe, Winnipeg Free Press, August 26

"It’s exciting to be back. I don’t see why we can’t continue to play like we have been. Once the game starts, things come back pretty fast."

Bombers defensive back Alex Suber on playing this Friday after a week off for the bye, Winnipeg Free Press, August 26

"This is a very important game. It's a divisional game and if we win we take the season series. We know what's at stake even if it is early in the season. You know the story about the ant and the grasshopper? We want to be like the ant. The grasshopper can hop around all summer but we'll be like the ant and collecting our food, or wins in this case."

Bombers offensive lineman Glenn January, Winnipeg Free Press, August 26

"This is a team in our division. We're 6-1 and they're 4-3. If they win, they're just two points behind us. If we win, they're six back. So it's definitely an important game. It's a best-of-three division series and if we get the win they'll need to have a better record than us. There's a lot of conference positioning at stake with this one."

Bombers offensive lineman Brendon Labatte, Winnipeg Free Press, August 26

"Jus walked round Winnipeg, I get the feelin that this city hasn't realized the term 'swag' isn't a new thing. Do ya'll still yell BALLIN!?!?"
-Luc Mullinder (@lucmull95) on Twitter

"Never met fans so cocky in my life"
-Brian Simmons (@Bigg_Simms) on Twitter

LMAO!! Ok I might have just be swayed to finally join Twitter.

It's worth signing up for CFL chatter alone. The Twitter equivalent to BYF's game threads are priceless.

Make your second post in November when bummerville is frozen out of contention.

Tina never fails to crack me up ! :lol: .......she's a gem!

I told her this morning that Paul now owes her breakfast in bed and a dinner date tonight. Team Lapo strikes again! :wink:

Whatever. He didn't "start the little war" he was asked a question and he answered it. As for being humble. what a joke. WPG got lucky and as far as I'm concerned Mrs. LaPolice looked silly by posting something like that and then removing it. If you have the guts to post it you should at least back it up.

I find her comments rather hollow.

Fans live and die with their team, seasons and decades go by, no matter what may come. Her loyalty and bravato is as fluid as her husband's employment. Should he change teams next year, she will be booing these same players and city just like the rest of us.

As far as removing her entry after the fact, it's a phony an act as her cheerleading.

Bravo. Well said!!

I think my sympathy goes out to Coach Lapo. :wink: