Lapolice was concerned about lack of noise at Skydome

From the National Post...

"TORONTO – Winnipeg Blue Bombers head coach Paul LaPolice thinks the atmosphere at the Rogers Centre is better for shopping than playing football.

“I think that was beautiful [earlier in the week] when he said it was like playing in a mall, where you can hear the elevator music and people are screaming for their kids and you hear the shoppers milling around and stuff like that,? veteran Winnipeg defensive lineman Doug Brown said.

The Bombers will play in Toronto against the Argonauts on Saturday and one of the challenges they face is a lack of crowd noise. They played against the Alouettes in front of a packed house in Montreal last week, and in front of more than 30,000 people in Saskatchewan in their previous road game.

“I think sometimes when you’re on the road and you play in some of those big venues you’re excited about just 60 guys in a room playing against 30,000,? said LaPolice, who made the mall comparison while speaking with reporters in Winnipeg earlier this week.

Toronto is last in Canadian Football League attendance averaging 20,117 fans per game. Capacity for football games at the Rogers Centre is 45,746.

“It’s a quieter atmosphere. You’re in a huge place that doesn’t have as many people,? said LaPolice.

Last year, Toronto beat Winnipeg 17-13 during its only visit to the Rogers Centre. Winnipeg led 6-0 at the half, but a Chad Owens kick-return touchdown sparked an Argos comeback.

“You almost get lulled into this back-and-forth game and all of a sudden the Argos make their plays and all of a sudden they walk out with a win,? LaPolice said.

The Bombers won in Toronto earlier this season after Brown addressed his teammates about the need to keep the energy high because they would be unable to feed off the crowd.

“The biggest challenge always for me playing in Toronto is just reminding yourself the importance and the magnitude of the game,? Brown said.

The Bombers enter the game two points ahead of Montreal in the fight for first place in the East Division. Dropping a game to the last-place Argos would open the door for the Alouettes, who will face Winnipeg two more times this season."

Let's hope our Tiger cats don't fall asleep there from lack of crowd enthusiasm....

doug brown uses this same excuse every time they lose in toronto.

i'm sick of doug brown.

Really Drummer, you`re sick of Brown because he says this every time they lose in T.O ..... NEWSFLASH .... The Article was from August when we went in and beat the Arblows at the Dome, not the latest loss there, get your facts right before posting!!

Drummer didn't say the bummers lost in August at Skydome. Get your facts straight before you attack others.

I'm sick of that big dummy as well.

Well to be honest, the atmosphere in SkyDome sucked. I was there on Saturday night for the game and I was embarrassed that this game was broadcast live. There was virtually no crowd noise until the final series of the game. We had no problem "upgrading our seats" since most of the great seats where all empty. And most people there looked like they were there because they had nothing better to do with their time. Very few people in Argo gear. I honestly don't see anything wrong with what Doug Brown said because it's true

This will be the case again this Saturday, except for all the noise that will be coming from the Black & Gold side!

It will probably feel like a home game for the Ticats :smiley:

Yes maybe we should be playing all our home games there when IWS is being re-built. It would be embarrassing for Toronto to have more fans for Ticat home games at Rogers Centre. Maybe there could be a deal with the city and the team to have the Park and Ride buses from the malls go on to the Rogers Centre for all home games.

Can you imagine if it was loud in Rogers Centre that night, the bombers would have got killed !!!!!! LOL :thup:

It does make sense to have a good portion of the TiCat home games at Rogers. We don't have to worry about building temporary stands or locations anywhere, TiCat shuttles can accommodate fans to the stadium, (unless they wish to drive themselves) and we don't have to miss many home games due to them being held in Moncton or elsewhere, where distance is a negating factor.
Real TiCat fans will make the 45 minute trek to Rogers, while fans around T.O. can take in a game or two that may not necessarily drive to Hamilton.

The only issue I see is scheduling around the Argos and Jays, although I'm certain something can be worked out.

IIRC it has been said during an earlier TSN bummer telecast that this WILL be DB’s last year. It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. :twisted:

It honestly felt like a preseason game. I think crowd noise would've helped kept the Bombers jacked up.