LaPolice State vs Evil Incarnate Game Thread, Sat. July 23

Saturday, July 23
Winnipeg at Toronto
3:30pm/12:30pm TSN

Lemon vs. Pierce. Buckle up or wake up? We shall see...

Oski Wee Wee,


Hmm...tough call...

I'm gonna pick Winnipeg by 10. Ironically because it's at the Roger's Center, I'd probably go Argos by 14 if it was in Winnipeg.

Ugh... Go Blew...

I had to swallow the vomit saying that.. but a Blew team win assures us a 3 way tie for 2nd.. and we ALL know the cats are the better team of those 3!!

Argos 22 Bombers 16.



Oski Wee Wee,


Kickoff is imminent.

Toronto drives smartly down the field and scores a TD on its first drive...7-0 lead.

17-3 Toronto after one quarter – Lemon was knocked out of the game after a head hit – Dalton Bell at QB now.

Thanks for the updates Oski Oui Oui, Im at work, I can catch the extinct horse and E-Pill's game on the NFL network next!

Go sinkingships I guess :thup: :thdn: :roll:

My pleasure -- end of the first half, 17-6 Toronto.

20-17 Winnipeg after a 63-yard TD from Pierce to Edwards, 4:15 left in the third. Toronto's O is in neutral under Dalton Bell...

That ejection is looking very large. What a contemptible selfish play

Dirty hit, no question!

No pass rush has meant very poor defensive play against the pass. Bummers strike yet again

27-24 Winnipeg as Harris responds to the Argo TD with an 84-yd pass-and-run from Pierce.

Bad INT by Bell -- underthrown with zero chance...

30-24 Bombers, just over three minutes left.

Bell fumbles late, Bombers in the driver's seat.

Argos have to place a priority on getting a real QB .Lemon isnt it and now Bell isnt an answer either. Until then they are going nowhere.

33-24 after the Palardy FG. Willis's strip sack ends this...

Bell got CREAMED again, second fumble in successive series!!!