LaPolice State now "On The Brink" ;)

Apparently Steven Jyles has been demoted as Winnipeg starting least for one game.

Oski Wee Wee,


I came to like LaPo when he coached or receivers.

My sympathies go out to him, today.

He needs to win starting this weekend..not soon.

No matter how well Brink has done before,

his head simply hasn't been sufficiently programmed for
what he'll be confronted with in the CFL on a CFL field.

I thought he would know the odds are strongly against
any QB in his first game being an instant success.

Some can do quite well for part of the game
but most make crucial, often fatal mistakes.

I predict Brink will be sacked at least 10 times against the Lions on Monday. Five alone by DB's coming off the edge on a blitz.

Desperate times call for such measures. Jyles hasn't cost them any victories. Buck was a mistake and resigning him this offseason will be another.

I hope Brink sucks ... if he has a good game the naysayers will be out in unison claiming the Cats should never have given up on him.

Clip and save. . .

Might want to show it to Brink himself, so he can pre-order the ambulance Korey Banks is going to put him into.

Jay Cutler

Alex Brink

Perhaps there is a resemblance when road graded by a d-line... LMAO :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,


Unless he is injured, I see no reason for Jyles' demotion, other than being scapegoated...I thought under the circumstances, ie) Playing for Winnipeg, I thought he was doing pretty well.