LaPolice State at Shipwrecks Game Thread (Sept. 19, 1 pm et)

Sunday, September 19
Winnipeg at Toronto
1pm et /10am pt

I will post the game preview from when I see it. :wink:

Hope for a 0-0 tie, no? Or the strategic 1-0 Spies vistory? LMAO

Oski Wee Wee,


I want the Spies to fail here..... I really cannot stand them!!

Hi HTD – hope you have a good time at the watering hole! Hope to catch you in the game threads tomorrow!

Oski Wee Wee,


Howdy Russ… thanks

I will be here tomorrow for sure…

Even if it's the blue team they are playing?

I don't like the Bombers either, but...

I plan on being in this thread tomorrow as well.

Surprisingly BYF... yes even if it the blew team.....this may be more of a fan thing on my but they can be idiotic most times..... see my sig(s) for proof

Oh, I see. I don’t recall any blue team fans making comments like those that turned out being unintentionally funny, reminding me of that Iraqi Information Minister.

But I actually would rather see a WPG win. Don’t want to the blue team to catch us in the standings.

I suppose now we''ll see if Toronto can keep pace with Hamilton with a win today over the Blue Bombers. Go ARGO'S.

TSN's coverage begins momentarily. :slight_smile:

Congrats to Hamilton on their victory last night

Thanks. It was quite a game, and the win is the reason I'm not as worried about the outcome of this one, which I hope WPG will win. It's one of the few times I want them to win.

I have wondered what the blue team offence would look like without Boyd, not that I wished an injury on him, of course. But Durie is good, and they have Copeland back, like we saw there.

Open Robinson drops it to end opening drive. That must hurt.

First WPG play, Edwards found open, gains lots of YAC for 81 yard total gain. Looked like he might've been able to go all the way.

Sounds like there are some WPG fans there in the crowd.

Big play there to get out of poor field position

Good afternoon folks!

Foley showed why a few teams wanted him on that sack.

Palardy puts it through for the FG, again demonstrating that he should specialize in placekicking rather than punting, not the other way around.

Hi Russ.

BobYoungFan; With Boyd out of the line up the offense will be different as far as schemes go, but one thing about Coach Barker I noticed is that he has the Toronto defense well prepared as opposed to the offense not scoreing many points.

Well, they have had all week to plan for this one. Durie is a different kind of RB, and we might see passes thrown in situations where they'd usually hand it to Boyd. Again, it helps to have Copeland back.

LMAO at Rickey Foley ink pollution :wink:

Yeah, after seeing that, I can see why BC did not get him. That wasn't the Vancouver skyline tattooed to his arm. :slight_smile:

2nd quarter begins with Palardy getting another after Reid and Jyles gain WPG some rushing yards.

6-0 WPG.