LaPolice State at Nags Game Thread (July 31, 9:30 ET, TSN)

On Anderson? I don't know.

Serna gets FG to make it 17-11.

Maver good from 37 as he continues to be reliable.

Too bad there was quite the overthrow into end zone by Burris before that.

20-11 Stamps.

Can't believe they let Edwards get that wide open for that TD. No one was within several yards of him.

20-18 Stamps.

Here come the Blew Bombers...

I see the Hamilton Tiger-Cats found yet another new and exciting way to lose a football game earlier...

Not being able to hang onto passes, yeah, but it was more of the same from players like Palardy and Shivers.

Less than 10 minutes left here, still 20-18 after Dales punt takes fortunate bounce.


That's what happens to losers who make poor player personnel decisions,but that's nothing new with this teams over the last 6 years...

If the Bummers win,we have to sweep'em...

LOL... Lewis hurdles brown

That was a spectacular play by Lewis...

Yep, I see Thiggy's not the only one who can hop over those who try to tackle him. That'll be on the highlight reel.

Maver is money...

Did "Bust" De Angelis miss any Field Goals tonight?

Now Maver's good from 45, I don't think they miss Sandro in Calgary. Because even if Sandro soon gets out of his slump, they have a reliable kicker anyway.

23-18 CGY, 3:22 left.

No, but he only had one attempt from 18 yards out.

2 and out WPG, Stamps start not far from Maver's range. But they go 2 and out, and WPG will not need 2 point convert on TD.

Deep pass complete to Edwards, Anderson gets away with late hit.

Then pass to endzone bounces off Ralph, did not expect that. :slight_smile:

That stupid playcalling by the Bummers reminded me of our play calling...

They had time to work with the field position they had to make 1st downs before going to the endzone...

On 3rd and 10, Jyles overthrows into endzone, and we can breathe sigh of relief. WPG will have 2-3 record after this.

Don't know if there will be a "Winnipeg Looks Beatable" thread. The Stamps got the win, but not easily.

It was the Stamps themselves that made it look harder than it really was

There were a few turnovers by them that hurt, but we know we can turn it over as well. We know we can beat them, but they also defeated us. A win may not come easily, but it can be done.

Good night.