LaPolice State at Nags Game Thread (July 31, 9:30 ET, TSN)

Blue Bombers at Stampeders
Today at 9:30pm et/6:30am pt
Also available on TSN HD's game preview is at .

Let us hope for a rousing finale to the doubleheader of football tonight!

Oski Wee Wee,


That'll be a good tilt.

We need Stamps Win here

Rambo is back

Indeed, Tom!

Do I need my Gutters Cleaned (lol) CHML askes me .

Attention Everyone


That is all!!

Come on Calgary...wipe the smirks off those Bombers.

Big catch Lewis!!

TD Stamps!!!

Welcome back Kenyon!

Listening the 5 Qrt and watching the game ..

It is Ugly out there

Maver FG attempt good, too bad we could not draft him. I understand he may have been better at punting as well.

10-0 Stamps.

After Reid TD, and fumble recovery leading to punt single, 10-8 Stamps.

This is closer than I'd like it to be so far.

I expect Calgary to start turning it up...real soon! this game will not finish close

TD Murphy... Stamps increase their lead

After seeing that nice drive by CGY to get the TD, you may have a point. :slight_smile:

17-8 Stamps.

i am not following the game tonight, but I will catch the replay in the next few days -- hope everyone has a good night!

Rambo is playing well

CGY drive goes very well, only to have it end with turnover.

Not the first time I've seen that tonight. And not just from Stamps.

WTF was Burris thinking there??

Thats an iffy PI call IMO