LaPolice State at Larks Preseason - Thurs. June 16 7:30pm et

Thursday, June 16
Winnipeg at Montreal

The first look at these two teams this preseason. We should get some indication of how the Als backfield gets sorted out from this game (at least re who will sub behind Brandon Whitaker). Also a Cahoonless Als squad as another page turns...

Oski Wee Wee,



Typical Preseason Fair.

I couldn't watch the first half but the stats say that Elliot didn't look very good. Could be another interesting season in the 'Peg if Pierce goes down.

It has been a snoozefest.. save for a couple big plays from both sides... The Bummers are in trouble if Pierce misses a down.. for sure

I think the Peg are in for a long season, I was looking at their roster and I felt like a I was looking at a Ti-Cats roster from the mid 2000's, only recognized a handful of players, July 1st should be interesting, cant wait!

I only started watching this one about halfway through the 3rd quarter and it looks like I didn't miss much.

Elliott's numbers did not look good, and Brink continues to remind us why Obie was willing to let him go and not get much in return.

J. ELLIOTT 7/18 84 0 1
A. BRINK 5/12 64 0 0

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Sandro punted three times, and his punts were actually not that bad. Not as bad as I thought they might be, anyway. He made both of his FG attempts, though his longest one was from 28 yards out. But let's see how he does next Wednesday when he returns to IWS.

They were the CFL's worst team last year, but remember that they won their season opener against us last year. But I expect to our season start off with a win for the first time in too long.

Actually not a bad game from what I saw, that one rb for the Bombers looks good who cranked off that long run, out of Washington St. I think.


2 players stood out for me for Winnipeg, their punt returner 1 Perry had some good returns, also the RB 30 Henderson wasn't bad as well.

Agreed if Buck 'Royal Doulton' Pierce is out for any significant time well all I can say is Good Luck Winnipeg.


Ricky Santos played well

Looks like they found some more WR's

Bo Bowling
Brandon London

Emmanuel Marc the RB played well

Did Cobb dress?
I didn't see the game but it doesn't look like he played at all.

Cobb pulled a hamstring on the weekend and is out for two weeks.

Agreed, except for the Santos part. The 4th stringer showed some potential so Ricky better watch his back. Prechae and Sandro will be looking for work next week.

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Once hes healthy I cant imaging the Als keeping him now.

The kick returner, I think his name was Floyd (I believe he wore #1), looked very good. Other than that, not much to report.

What was really obvious in that game to me was that if Pierce get's hurt , could happen :roll: The Bombers will be hard press to win a couple games with those quarterbacks, they are simply not ready. Trading Jyles was an incredibly stupid move by Mack and Lapolice. Their crop of import didn't impress me much either. Young team that is paper thin. They better hope Edmonton is as bad as I think they will be, cause a crossover is pretty much all they can hope for and that's not even really up to them...

The Allwets seem to have a wealth of good receivers. Their recruiting is second to none in the CFL .

Our man-to-man defense will get a good test against them on Wednesday. That game should give a good indication of who can play and who can't.

We have a ton of good receivers in camp this year.

It will be a war between those two teams all year. I think the team that can best stay healthy will come out on top.