LaPolice State at Larks Game Thread, Sept. 18, 1 pm et, TSN

Sunday, September 18
Winnipeg at Montreal
1pm et /10am pt

Just got a feeling...

:D :D :D ;)

Oski Wee Wee,



I do predict that that's what Montreal will be this game. :slight_smile:

Depends if Bucky is still woozy from the last game. After all, he has a history of concussions.

Nevertheless, the Bummrers are keeping pretty quiet about it.

I should be able to catch most of the game this afternoon. Hope to see you all here!

Oski Wee Wee,


I'm ALWAYS up to watch Staggerville gettin' a beatin'

I hope so, Half.

I'm just wishful that the Montreal team that was here on Labour day is not the same group that will play today.

Wow, here I am cheering for the Als!!!!?????????

Als will win by 20 pts minimum I predict in this one. One more hit and Buck is toast for a while I think.

The lesser of 2 evils!

Als need this game badly with the next two games on the road against Edmonton and Winnipeg.

Go Als!

Indeed. I will be away from the PC for a while in the first half, but I will be back in the thead in the second half.

Piss poor tackling by the Als on Watson

Ugh... missed tackling, dropping balls. .where the hell was THIS Montreal team last week??

Whittaker is having a field day against this "vaunted" Bummer D so far

"Ugh... missed tackling, dropping balls. .where the hell was THIS Montreal team last week??"

Maybe the great Hamilton flatness is contagious, Half....

Ugh!.. Montreal looks stupid today!!

Seems to be.. even the top tier teams have had it a few times this season

as a tiger cat fan...this performance by Montreal is giving me a weird sense of comfort!!!???

Seems the refs gave the Bummers a free TD on the Reid score.....

at least Whittaker has come to play...