LaPolice State at Larks Game Thread (Aug. 19, 7 pm ET, TSN)

Not in my house. Picked up some Grand River Brewing Galt Knife Factory Lager. Great stuff!

Cox with the fumble recovery and the TD gives the Als an impending 9-0 lead!!


TD Als.... as the score differential climbs...... and some Bummer fans thought this was gonna be a shootout... well yea it is.. but for MOntreal NOT Winnipeg...lmfao

LMFAO… Bowman… WIDE open… annnnnnnnd…drops a perfect toss!!!

No upset tonight :wink: LMFAO

Close game!!!


Bowman drops ANOTHER perfect pass from Jyles!!!!!!

Ooooooh I'm liking

The Bummers are driving, still 23-0 for the meadow larks,

Looks like there will be rain at the game -- it looks menacing out there!
Wet Al's cheerleaders?
id tune in for that :wink:
The meadowlarks do have the Hottest Cheerleaders in the league! Oh Mama!

Another turnover for the bummers, it will be 37-0 for the larks by half time!

Bowman sounds and looks like Bauman.

Ummmm....AC got crushed there...

IF AC is out for any length of time.. then YES the East is WIDE open!!


it looks like a concussion, lets see what the ex gator QB can do...

not sure what happened to AC...

Wow.. this is NOT good..... come on AC get up and walk off.....!!!

The hit wasn't even that big tho

could be broken ribs

It's not good if he clutched his chest and went down...something is up