LaPolice State at Larks Game Thread (Aug. 19, 7 pm ET, TSN)

Blue Bombers at Alouettes
Today at 7pm et/4pm pt
Also available on TSN HD

We shall see whether the Als take out their frustrations out on the Spies for last week’s debacle in T.O…’s game preview is at .

See you here!

Oski Wee Wee,


Coubourne is out with an ankle injury but still no chance for the Bummers in this one I'd say.

Indeed. Brandon Whitaker is a more-than-adequate replacement at HB for the Larks. I see the Als shredding the Winnipeg secondary tonight!

Oski Wee Wee,


I'll be in here, and thanks to oski-oui-oui :thup:

I think there could be a big upset here tonight.

What's Pearce's status? Wasn't he banged up last week?

(edit -- is it 'Pearce' or 'Pierce'...I forget.)

Pierce, slo.

Buck was back on the injured list as of the August 16th article I'm about to cite. More on the decision to start Jyles is at ... -alouettes .

Pierce has since been reactivated according the the Spies website as well as . I expect we will see Jyles.

Oski Wee Wee,


Not sure who i should i be going for in this one. I guess i hope they beat the heck out of each other and end in a tie. :smiley:

Wouldn't be surprised to see the bombers pull an upset in this one.

Jyles is a better QB than Pierce anyway.

If the Bummers pull off an upset I'll be very upset the TiCats didn't.

I wouldn't, we're a better team now than we were then.

You are joking Mak, aren't you? :slight_smile:

TSN's pregame show is underway...

Looks like there will be rain at the game -- it looks menacing out there! Forecast is for thunderstorms during the game...

How? What's different? We're still dependent upon with Mike Gibson shows up: the genius or the flunky.

Wet Al's cheerleaders?

id tune in for that :wink:

As a general observation, wet Als cheerleaders are NOT menacing... ROTFLMFAO :wink:

Well, hopefully the weather will hold and we can have a dry game!

Montreal missed FG single by Duval -- Jyles answers with a nice scramble...

Allo allo allo....

HTD is in Da House!!

8) Russ, in that case are you saying that "Nippsy Russell" is not in attendance at the game tonight ??? :wink: :lol: