LaPolice State at Gangrene Game Thread, Sept. 4, 3:30 pm et

[b]Roughriders at Blue Bombers (TSN,
Today at 3:30pm et/12:30pm pt

Also available on TSN Mobile TV[/b]'s game preview is linked above.

Ought to be a good one! I will catch some of it with company we are having over, so I will be on later to give my two cents...

Oski Wee Wee,



Was waiting for the GDT....

Time to shoot down a Bomber.... GO RIDERRRRRRRRRS!!!!!!!!

Go Bombers! :wink:


No Black

Cuthbert and Suitor will call the game!!

Ugh! Does that mean we get Black tomorrow!?

Hopefully not at McMahon. :stuck_out_tongue:


Not a good start Riders... 2 and out!

GREAT kick backs the Bummers up to the 6 yard line!!!

TD Getzlaf!!

7-0 good guys!!

HOLY SH......

What a catch by Dressler for the TD!!

17-4 Riders!!

C'mon 'Riders!!!

Run it up on the bastages!!!!

(I dislike the Bummers almost as much as I dislike the Blew Team)


I just turned this game on and I like what I see here. 20-7 Riders with 10 minutes left, and WPG just turned it over in FG range.

No. :wink:

Getzlaf TD makes it 27-7 with less than three minutes left. WPG turning it over on downs near midfield after Reid got stopped short on 3rd and 1 sure helped.

Looks like the right team will win this one.

Awesome job by the Riders

"Swagger" that,you mosquito riddled chumps!!!!

How bad does this make last weeks brain cramp defined loss look??

How big are the next two games for Hamilton now???

A 1-7 team just beat a 7-1 team. You never know what can happen in this league.

Can they do it again next week? Having Fantuz back in the lineup should help.

How many ejections were there this game? Next Sunday's rematch should be interesting.

So they right teams won the Braley Bowl and the Banjo Bowl. Now let's hope the right team will win the Labour Day Classique.

Hey "Staggerville," reality has returned. Your over-hyped, overrated run has finally come to an end. Welcome to 9 - 9.

The funny part… during the Pre game locker room pep talks…

Doug Brown was spouting off about the Riders looking for a team with swag to punch in the mouth, and was quoted as saying “a 1 and 7 team should not be talking to a 7 and 1 team”…

Looks to me, Brown… like they PUNCHED YOUR SWAG TEAM IN THE MOUTH!!!

Riders beat the blue babies.....WOW.......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They must be reeling in Staggerville.....

This looks so so so good on the bunch of them in Mosquito town!!!!