LaPolice State at Evil Incarnate GT, Sept. 24, 7 pm et, TSN

Saturday, September 24
Winnipeg at Toronto

Hoping for a 0-0 tie with grief counsellors for the folks at the Concrete Convertible who witness total, futile carnage.

Your mileage may vary, but the Argos suck, okay?

:D :D :D

Oski Wee Wee,


This might be the ONLY time you will ever see this in print beside my name......

Go ARGOS!!!!!

:? :oops: :cry: :|

Hi Half:

Unless the Argo defence can knock Pierce out of the game, I doubt they can beat the Blue Babies. The only other possibility I can think of might be if Winnipeg comes out flat. They did have a big win against Montreal last weekend. Following the Als -Hamilton-Edmonton trend, maybe???

It's tough, as I don't like either of these two.

I know and appreciate what you're thinking....I just can't bring myself to cheer for either of them.

I will, instead, hope for your dream to come true.'s game preview can be found at .

Oski Wee Wee,


I think the Argos will win this one: Pierce was shaky last game, and Jyles is due for a monster game.

Jovan Johnson with a pick six = game over.

After the turnover, blue team scores two majors. It's painful to hope for a victory for them.



Go Blows!!! Get this ship into port tonight please :lol:

Pierce is rocked and to add insult.. is PICKED!!

Gord Miller: "Prefontaine throws his first interception of the year." There's no way Rod Black comes up with that.

Pierce is done Brink is in!

Once again the Bummers have no business being in a game and yet here we are.. they are 1 pt back...... sigh!!

While anything can happen in the CFL who predicted a blow out in Regina and nail biter in Toronto?

Pierce and Reid gone for the night.

Wow.. do the Arblows ever suck!

TD ARBLOWS on the fumble!!

WOW.. that is KARMA...

Loose ball foul does NOT get called on Winnipeg playing Hamilton, but gets called on Winnipeg playing Toronto... I effin LOVE

Not as much as Proulx, the worst official in the league. There has to be better talent in the CIS than this guy.

You may be right, there Ock