LaPolice State at EEEEs Game Thread, Oct. 15, 7 pm et, TSN

Saturday, October 15
Winnipeg at Edmonton

I am looking forward to this one. Edmonton has some payback to give, so we shall see if Buck gets pierced.

Oski Wee Wee,


If Edmonton doesn't "Pierce" them, I think the Als will, after they have more at stake...

Bradly a DBack that couldn't cut it with Ham looks right at home in the ED defensive backfield. One of several in the league. :oops:

No wonder why this Blue Bomber team has so many wins.

The refs call many penalties that benefit them, especially when their in the other teams zone.

The past few weeks I have been noticing this more and more. Its unfortunate for the opposing teams to lose based on bad calls consistently.


Bummers LOSE!!!

That is all!


If ever there was a time for Hamilton to come up big in Montreal, it's tomorrow. A win tomorrow puts Hamilton in contention to finish first in the east with this Winnipeg loss.

After this week

B.C. at Hamilton
Montreal at Winnipeg

Toronto at Winnipeg
Hamilton at Saskatchewan
Calgary at Montreal

Hamilton at Toronto
Winnipeg at Calgary
Montreal at B.C.

Yes, that stellar bomber offense failed to generate anything tonight...another loss for the Blue Babies....that's really a shame...NOT!!!!

With the Bombers losing, it makes me think that just maybe all is right in the world tonight. heh heh heh

Kirk, thanks for posting that information on the schedules for those three teams for the last three weeks of the season.

But unfortunately, as Winnipeg only needs to win one more game to finish ahead of us in the standings, I don't like our chances of finishing in first place in the division.

But if this team can win in Montreal tomorrow, there is a chance of finishing ahead of them in the standings.

These are the standings in our division now:

Montreal: 9-5
Winnipeg: 9-6
Hamilton: 7-7

(Blue team omitted for obvious reasons.) :slight_smile:

So I think this is how it needs to play out after a win in Montreal tomorrow

B.C. at Hamilton - Hamilton win 9-7
Montreal at Winnipeg - Montreal win 10-6

Toronto at Winnipeg - Winnipeg loss 9-8
Hamilton at Saskatchewan - Hamilton loss 9-8 ********
Calgary at Montreal - Montreal loss 10-7

Hamilton at Toronto - Hamilton win 10-8
Winnipeg at Calgary - Winnipeg loss 9-9
Montreal at B.C. - Montreal loss 10-8

**** only cushion available.

All other combos of Montreal and Winnipeg wins and losses must happen, unless Winnipeg wins one, then we must beat Sask, as well. Not likely, but possible

No, they can win 1, but Hamilton needs to win all 4 remaining games.

Hamilton 11-7
Winnipeg 10-6

I see. After double-checking that, I see that that is correct. I'm not sure how I made that mistake. I thought I heard it being said that Winnipeg could clinch at least a second place finish with a win tonight. But maybe it was actually said that Winnipeg win and a Hamilton loss tomorrow would clinch that.

Still, I don't think our chances of finishing in first place look good, as I consider a win tomorrow in Montreal unlikely, and I don't think WPG will lose all three of its next games. I know the Bombers have not been impressive lately, but...

2-5 in their last 7, losing to Edmonton, Montreal, Toronto and Saskatchewan twice.

Just win Baby!!!!!!! as Al Davis would say(RIP)

I really don’t care where the Ticats end up…first, second or third. So long as they play competitively and finish higher than 9-9 record. I want to see the entire team show up for the remaining 4 games.

Their regular season record is less important to me than where they finish in the east.

I’d much rather have to play Montreal at IWS than at Percival Molson.


A Cat-Raider fan :smiley: