LaPolice speaks!

Obvious to all, the Riders have offensive woes. Well LaPolice comes forth and states just that.

Aside from the O-line being "patch work" and must cease with all the holding calls , stop putting DD in 1st an long , give DD more time to throw, there really are no solutions offered.
The LaPolice revised game plan has to be pieced together form other articles tidbits.

Millers quote;
Having (Jyles) come off the bench is mostly a fallacy of the commentators,'' said Ken Miller, the Riders head coach. "We put players into games all of the time to do specific things and they perform admirably. That is a situation that Steven practises all of the time and it's not like he's totally cold. He's always prepared to go into the game. It's a situation that other people see as a problem but not us.''

What exactly is the point of putting SJ in again On 3rd down short yardage hand-offs, or goal line......ALL behind a " patch work" o-line.................

The "patch work" oline is a lame excuse. Makowsky is back this week, so what will the excuse be then if the same errors continue? LaPolice will have no choice but put the blame where it belongs-- squarely on himself.

If the O-Line still sucks then it’s still the O-Line’s fault.

No excuse.

But seriously, that O-Line was sad the last two games.

The O-line has to improve in order to give our QB (it doesn't mater who ) the opertunity to establish himself.
when you cant get a 1st down with inches that means that the O-line is not doing there job or O-line coaching is inadequate?
How was the Bombers O-line last year? I cant remember?

nice to see the O-line play better, having Genno in there seemed to settle the guys down.