LaPolice signs with Bombers as OC

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BREAKING: Head Coach Mike O'Shea has found his new Offensive Coordinator. Welcome @PaulLaPolice!


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Guess we now know which coach has the league's shortest leash.

Fairly shocking he would part with TSN to be an OC

He probably knows he will be back as head coach by Aug.

The best I can say about this is that I won't have to listen to him stumble and stammer through his segments on TSN. ONTH Mike Benevides will be a big improvement on the show.

LaPolice was probably going to find himself in the next round of cuts at TSN. At least this move doesn't weaken another team.

Being on TSN probably hurt LaPolice's chances of being a HC. Guy is just not a good public speaker. Even though all he did was explain a play that already happened, I had a hard time understanding him. Not only that: when the Bombers fired him the last time, the primary reason was a lackluster offense.

:roll: passive-aggressive much? :roll:

Interesting that he didn’t hold out for a head coaching job. Then again, I suppose he has been doing that for over three years at this point. Probably best to get back in the game and bide his time, rather than keep waiting in the broadcasting booth.

...I'll say one thing...he certainly knows the oppositions D, after watching them very closely for the last 3 years, and will scheme accordingly...Very experienced hire and he'll bring stability to the Bombers offence that was badly under utilized under Bellefueille :thup:

you believe a TV analyst spends more time and attention to watching footage than a HC or coordinator? Interesting.

Solid hire though for sure.

As for LaPolices replacement on TSN, how about Referees Playbook with Tom Higgins - someone to explain the inevitable crazy rulings that we have to endure every game!

He will be Head Coach of the Bombers by Labour Day, book it. :expressionless:

Its a very, very strange hiring and a great caption. :thup:

I'm bummed, I was hoping the Lions would get him!!!

....Where in my statement did that come across .... analyst vs. co-ordinator...No where did I suggest a co-ordinator spends more time and attention than an analyst ...I said Lapolice...(who has been both by the way)..has a lot of experience and has kept that up by being an analyst for tsn the last 3 years... :roll:

LaPolice is an accomplished OC but the bombers paid him for two and a half years to sit on his rump and now bring him back as OC when his objective is to be HC in Winnipeg.

Lapo as the Bombers next HC/GM wouldn't surprise me either.

We know that is certainly his goal, so you have to wonder what went through Walters and O'Shea's mind. Unless they don't plan on staying is the only thing that makes sense.

.....And where would O'Shea and Walters be going ....back to Guelph????They have already shot that down least Walters has....This organization needs stability aaaand granted a fall back if things go sideways next year...Lapo gives them that and also a healthy Drew Willy will also help...We shall see how things unfurl next year....Definitely no other place to go but up :wink: