LaPolice Puns

The Bombers have named Paul LaPolice as their new head coach:

Let the puns begin!

LaPolice Brutality!
LaPolice sends his team a message in a bottle.
LaPolice investigates game that got away.
LaPolice suspects QB of foul play.

And so on and so forth. Let's beat the media to it!

I wonder if his wife's name is Roxanne.

Was reading this about the origin of the word 'police':

The word 'police' stems from the Greek word 'politeia' meaning, state, administration, government

So I guess it just made sense the Paul was going to be a coach one day, then a head coach and probably at some point in the future, higher up in the administration of the Bombers or another team. :wink:

I just find it funny,that a guy with the word Police in his name replaced Kelly.

How about…
LaPolice enticed by Siren Song of Head Coaching opportunity.

LaPolice to halt arrested development of Big Blue.

OK. Those are a bit of a stretch.
Much like…
The Long Arm of LaPolice!



Speaking of which... I thought it was hilarious that the Bombers hired Ken Moll as player-personnel director considering what happened last season with Hamilton. :stuck_out_tongue:

LaPolice: There's a New Sheriff in town! :oops:

He needs to have a QB with the last name of Law:

LaPolice sends out the the long arm of the Law… :?

Seems is getting in on the fun... "LaPolice called to lead 'Bomb squad"

ummm, the picture looks like hes bald... what fo the bombers have agaisnt hair?

It's actually Tina. Sorry.

Blue Bombers now in LaPolice custody. ZING!

After their 0-5 start, Lapolice brutality.

,LaPolice …leads Boys N Blue in a race to capture Cup…that’ll be the headline come Nov. :wink: :thup:

Interesting slant on this story. Wonder how often the Winnipeg media milk this to death?

It definitely makes one wonder....