LaPolice, players fined for criticizing officials

You made my point well thank you. The league has ruled in the past that an incomplete pass was complete, after video review, and then despite a whistle ruled a fumble and awarded the ball to the defense at the point of the fumble. No advancement of the ball because of the whistle. EXACT same scenario, but thanks for your inadvertent help.

Give an example of when that happened. I can't recall it happening while that rule was in effect. The example you gave said nothing about it being an incomplete pass that was overturned. The only time they will turn the ball to the defense on a fumble after the whistle is if the ruling was down by contact.

As I said I can't recall which game, it was not this year but that was the ruling. The call on the field was incomplete pass, video review overturned it and called it a completed pass and a fumble. Since there was a whistle they would not allow advancement of the ball but did award the fumble.