LaPolice NOT Head Coach material

Over 2/3 of the season has been played and PLP has consistently displayed an inability to make 2nd half adjustments and to call big successful plays in crucial moments near the end of football games.

Joe Mack should begin scouting new head coach candidates immediately. As a Head Coach, Paul LaPolice makes a great offensive coordinator :oops:

Wanna trade head coaches? :lol:
At least yours does something other than clap and smile...

Sure...let's blow this whole thing up and start yet again next year! :roll:

dumb dumb dumb

Just as a good QB needs to read defenses and check down his receivers, so too must a head coach be able go to plans B & C on offense & defense in the 2nd half & realize that what was available in the first half probably won't be in the second, especially in the passing game.

PLP has not shown the ability to "check down" opposing offensive & defensive schemes, and consequently, teams have consistently stopped us in the 2nd half of football games. I don't believe that improvisational skills can be taught; either you have them or you don't. Paul LaPolice hasn't displayed those skills, and for that reason, he should be replaced and go back to being an OC.

The Bombers were even or had the upper hand in weeks 2, 3, 5, 6 10, 12 & 14 and lost all of these games in the 2nd half because key adjustments weren't made by PLP at halftime.

It is year one of a new football program with a rookie QB, give the man a chance, the team has 3 to 4 hours a day to practice and at least four of the teams are in year 3 of their programs but then again you could always turnover your team to that caller "caveman"

Hard to believe we were one win away from hosting a playoff game last season.

I don't think anyone expected this much of a drop off considering we 'upgraded' at QB, or did we ?

I like the young players that Mack has brought in and Kavis has actually surprise me with the job he has done with the defence given that's were most of the changes have occurred.

Lapo and Baressi are the ones who have been the biggest disappoint this season, I don't know how else to put it.

....I have to agree pigseye ....we certainly haven't advanced like i thought we would///LaPolice is NOT a rookie in this league ,like Andrus was last year in T.O. AND we're sporting the same record as that clown so far...3 wins is hardly endearing the fans to this new regime.... HOWEVER I think Lapo should be brought back next year...We can't continually go down the road of change at the coaching position...I do know one thing....Paul better hope the Bombers are putting games in the win column early next year or he might be in trouble...The fans lose patience quickly these days and the hook is always present....Can't blame most folks, as 21 years and counting for a Cup win, is an unacceptable record in an 8 team league...We better look like a contender early :wink:

Not all of the negatives with this club can be dumped on Lapo....The injuries were gawd awful...and the biggest were the injuries to Buck.... Losing your starter is a huge hurdle to overcome ..I thought a lot of his previous injury history was blown out of proportion ...Maybe it was to a certain degree but he did succumb to exactly what everyone feared...I still think we keep him as the starter we signed , BUT if he goes down early, we have to reasses AND we better have a quality back-up in the wings to avoid a repitition of this year...Is Jyles that guy????? the musings of LaPolice as of today are making me think he may have lost confidence in him as a starter...Looking at the results of recent games, you have to share his concern.... :wink:

It is understandable that you guys would be down about your team's "record' of this team and Lapolice made a few strange gambles but this is just my opinion but this team is better, younger especially at the QB position, receiver position the new management has not given up draft picks and I am pretty sure he won't exceed the SMS either.

Season's not over either...

Begone with your optimism troll. :lol:

Relax people how many games did we lose by 7 or less? so this team has potential

Defence super young most of them will be here next year so thats a plus.
Found 2 young Receivers this year probably won't get looked at too much by NFL due to there injuries so that could be a plus going into 2011. Jyles has done a descent job as a 1st year starter hesitates too much and if we got some serious coaching could be a really good QB.

I say we gotta part ways with Pierce he came back and looked scared and feared to get injured and everyone says when you fear of getting injured it happens anyways. He played fearless ball for his 1st couple games tho and played excellent last couple not aswell and injured.

To say PLP did not do anything this year is unfair, Serna got rid of him found kickers, Long snapper botches 3 snaps cuts him brings in new guy all snaps have been descent, return game god awful 1st 3-4 games now they are well contained. Defence was horrendous early on in the season now its unreal. Receivers drop balls he found replacements, PLP is a couple of players away from making this team contend with Montreal next year.

Biggest things this Off Season mass QB coaching and load up on Canadian talent at receiver position and cut Ralph and i'll be very happy going into 2011

Isn’t this mostly the same crew that wanted, demanded that Kavis Reed be fired 6 games in as DC?
Now you like him and have a hate on for others?
In winnipeg I think they should have one coach’s position created and set-up every year to take the wrath. Just fire that guy every year.
5 head coaches
15 coordinators
countless assistants
3 general managers
23 QB’s
In just a few years. How can you expect success with that turnover? no business can withstand that.

Perhaps no business can withstand constant loses every year either.

So how many points do you get when you loose by only 4 points? :lol:

Did the WBB take a step back from last year, step up, or maintain status quo with LaPo in place of MK? That is the question.

Look, this is 2 years in a row now that there is a rookie HC, with the bulk of the other coaching spots turned over as well, who came into training camp overhauling the roster from the year before, jettisoning off some players, some which were good and some which were bad, and bringing in some new players, and bringing in new playbooks and philosophies. There is going to be some turnover year to year naturally, guys retire, some guys get NFL tryouts, some leave as FA’s. You need a good core to a successful CFL team however the amount of turnover combined over the last 2 years has been quite significant. Compound it with all the injuries sustained early this year, resulting in even more roster reshuffling week in week out. This really has an impact in the ability to build a team of guys that can play together. And as much as players need to learn how to play together and rely on each other, rookie head coaches also need to learn how to make the right decisions as the guy in charge to win games, and close games especially. Rarely does a first time HC knock it outta the park and have a winning season first time out. To say this is worse than last year is both correct and incorrect. The record may end up worse than last year, sure. Is the defense worse than last year? Not really. For the most part they can keep the team in games, all with a more inexperienced linebacking corps and injuries in the secondary. Is the offense worse? I don’t think so. The offense has a more up to date and more creative CFL style, no more jet package with the eventual handoff to Ralph resulting in 5-10 yard losses being run 5 times a game. The offense can use some upgrading obviously however that is difficult to do in season. Imports you want are in NFL camps, starting NIs are even harder to find, and trades are difficult to consummate. Has the rookie HC learned to win? No. Some bad playcalling, conservative playing with a lead when they should be going for the jugular, making the tough lineup decisions when players aren’t performing well enough are just some of the issues with the HC. Looking at the last 2 games - vs MTL and vs BC should both have been wins - we got the lead for a change early, so why did we lose? Because the offense stalled and stopped producing, was getting 2 and outs, and we gave the opposition chances to get back into the game (the horrid reffing vs MTL not withstanding). LaPo had a lot of work to do to turn around this team, a tall order for a rookie HC also. He now needs to show he can adapt, and not be as stubborn as MK was, make better calls with the game on the line, continue to be more creative and the wins can come. Maybe a mentor with experience - Belfeuille in Ham had Obie to look up to, is Mack someone Lapo can look up to? Nope. Last thing we need is a new HC for the 3rd year in a row with another roster overhaul. That thinking will only set up back even further.

I take it back, mostly. Per TSN LaPo is going with Brink to start at home vs BC. This move reeks of panic and desparation by a rookie head coach. Jyles has put up decent numbers at the helm and as I have said in another forum topic he has not played himself off the starter role. I'm not opposed to seeing Brink get some playing time and an opportunity to showcase himself, however starting a new QB in a game that could be the final nail in the coffin that is whatever is left of any hope for a playoff spot this season just is a bad one IMO. I for one would like to see what the offense looks like with Baressi, the man paid to be the OC, calling the shots for a full game and not LaPo just playing at OC on gamedays. This move is uninspirational to this fan.

....i have to confess wolverine that i am NOT a huge Jyles fan....They had concerns in Regina about his play and going over a few comments from their fans, they were never really sold on the guy...I think he's a decent back-up...much like Glenn...(And for those who think Glenn has upped his worth in 2010...look at the last game the cats lost to that powerhouse edm....He looked like Glenn of old in bluengold :lol:) I see similarities in Jyles...good qb. but not that 'firey' winner we need..We happen to have one of those but he gets injured a lot...soooooo I think the search goes on and it starts with Alex Brink on Mon.....Maybe he'll bomb...Maybe he'll light it up....time to find out.. :wink:

Fair enough papa. You may very well be right. This decision feels like a Mike Kelly knee jerk reaction though. Hope I'm wrong, time will tell. Man the scars of the 2009 season that was don't heal well.

....i hear ya....

Really, if Mike Kelly does not slap his girlfriend (I don`t know that he did btw) Bombers probably have 8-10 wins as we speak.

I say bring back the 2 Mike`s

Doug Brown chronicled Mike Kelly’s do as I say, not as I do attitude that alienated players and fans alike.
Doug Berry belittled his players and sucked the life out of what was once a Grey Cup contender.

Paul LaPolice has criticized his players in the media while failing to acknowledge his own failures as a coach. I’d like to see Joe Mack step down from the front office and coach for the rest of the season like Popp did in Montreal. That way he’ll know the character of his players first hand and can build from that nucleus for next year.

PLP is a good OC, but not head coach material. Gregg Marshall maybe? You tell me what quality person who knows the CFL could step in and take this team to the next level. How about Wally Buono? I think his contract is up and he’s probably looking for a change.

Geez people i give up on some of these fans, everyone expected Lapo (a rookie coach) to come in and perform a miracle, those who are already calling for Lapo's Head give your head a shake, he will improve and changing the coach would just put us another 3-5 years behind when it comes to being a contender.

Yeah let's fire a coach for the 3RD time in 3 years and start rebuilding ALL OVER again :roll:

Give it a rest already we all knew that this would be a rough year after Kelly's gutting the team, no one can build a contender overnight after the mess that Taman/Bauer/Kelly left Lapo/Mack.