Just heard on "OB" Lapolice has been hired as Winnipeg Head Coach, official announcement tommorow, good or bad?

I think this is a good choice by Mack bringing in an offensive mind to coach the Blue as they were lacking a solid offensive scheme the past couple years. For those naysayers i have to point out a couple of facts: Lapolice was offensive Coach in Winnipeg when Khari Jones threw 46 TD PASSES and had a great season (i believe in 2002). He coached a SOLID SASK offense last year, and is rumoured to be VERY HIGH on Jyles and WILL probably talk with Mack about aquiring Jyles services. Seems everything is falling in place (SLOWLY) for 2010 and a QB is next on the BB'S list, seems as though Bishop WILL NOT be back in Blue and Gold colours with Jyles almost certainly coming here, then again having Bishop on the field WOULD NOT HURT the progression of Jyles and Santos or DiMichele, and what about LeFors, where does he stand now?

I strongly believe that the Bombers will be in a solid position roster wise after FA SIGNINGS and/or TRADES, do i expect a Grey Cup run in 2010, NO!! But i do expect to see the BB'S competetive once again and building a solid future for a few years to come.

ANOTHER POINT: Lapolice being hired = Nelson being retained as DC (and the D was solid under Nelson), if it were Marshall i believe Nelson would not be arounf in 2010, positive news FINALLY on the Bomber front, let's change this "Kelly" MESS and get back to our winning ways!!

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I like this news a lot! I'm looking forward to seeing what he does for a staff including who he'll hire as OC.

Well, this is my take on it from another thread, may as well re-post it here; I was listing what I see as the good points to this hire: can add another.....qbs. flourished under the offensive system in Sask. ( i'm really looking forward to see what he can do with Santos) and if it weren't for a certain guy on special teams....Paul would be likely wearing another Cup ring... :wink: ...and as a side note....I wonder how friendly he was/is with free agent Andy Fantuz... :roll:

Right on, the offence was in dire need and I believe LaPolice would be more appropriate than Marshall in getting it righted.

So you think Bishop will be cleaning out his locker in the next few days eh :roll:

What in hell has Jyles ever done??

Again, what has Bishop ever done? LaPolice was part of the coaching team that fired Bishop in Regina. Bishop has peaked at about 50%, We are not sure about Jyles but he has time and ability to learn as opposed to Bishop.

Jyles would be a sure imrpovement over Bishop.Bishop's fine if you hope for mediocrity at best, Jyles has the tools to be great.

I'm no particular fan of Bishop; that said, Jyles so far hasn't shown me anything to suggest that he's capable of being a starter in the CFL, yet.

Last season all he was really noted for was struggling mightily trying to convert a third down gamble.

Previous to that, he was a backup in Edmonton who saw little playing time. Who does that remind me of?

Oh yes, Stefan LeFors.

Wow Marshall getting passed over again, what does that say about his HC potential?
Or will my Argos by default hire him?

Who besides Berry is there for the Argos to choose from?

ed tait who is a local sports writer with the winnipeg free press was on the hustler and lawless radio show tonight on cjob and they asked him about marshall and why it seems the guy cant get a head coaching gig and the explaination tait gave was that marshall seems to be too stuck on his schemes, much like a certain coach from last year. marshall apparently refuses to change his schemes and instead of changing the scheme would rather bring in different players. Not saying his schemes wouldnt work but we just had a guy like that here last year who refused to change his schemes when it was obvious that it wasnt working.

If true, it does seem to explain why he hasnt gotten a job as the head coach anywhere and if true makes alot more sense why mack wasnt impressed with marshall.

i mean how many times has the guy been turned down for a head coaching gig now?

twice by the bombers atleast and probably 5 or 6 times by other teams.

i get the feeling that greg marshall is one of these clowns from school who constantly hits on the hot girls, his friends tell him shes out of your league but greg would still hit on her and get shut down everytime. does that make sense? i think so.

im happy with lapolice as coach :slight_smile: imo, the guy wants to be here, he actually threw his name into the hat, apparently really impressed mack and really, with our local media pushing for marshall, i think its wonderful that mack picked his own guy and told the BOD to basically go stick it.

Obviously marshall is doing something wrong. being turned down 7 8 times in a league with 8 teams... ENOUGH SAID!!

There were rumors that sask tried to keep lapolice too even offering him the next head coaching positioning of the team, also rumors were that kent austin wanted him to come to cornell with him as his oc, i mean, just saying but i think if 1 teams want to keep u and another guy wants to take u with him to the ncaa, well tells me he's doing something right.

defense wasnt the issue last year.. offense was. lapolice is a young guy and honestly im stoked and cant wait for training camp. I think that alot of people are gonna be eating their words this season. last year our offense was non existent and we were one win against the ticats away from making the playoffs.

Im just gonna ignore the negatrons on this site and the others and just be positive. its amazing what you can do if you have a positive attitude, negativity tho? it breeds losing. positivity bomber fans.. TRY IT. u might enjoy it.

It wasn't a rumour about Austin talking to LaPolice. LaPolice was quoted in the Leader-Post about that and saying he turned Austin down before Austin took the Cornell job.

LaPolice also had a recent conversation with Kent Austin before he was named the head coach of Cornell University's football team. Austin, who was the Roughriders' head coach in 2007, sounded out LaPolice about possibly joining Cornell's coaching staff.

"When he was researching the job, he asked if there was a possibility and I said I didn't think that would be something that I would be interested in at this time,'' said LaPolice, who has spent three seasons in Saskatchewan.

I think this is a bad hire! This is just my opinion, so do not get your underpants in a knot anybody. I hope I am wrong for sure!

Riders offense was only ranked 6th in offensive yardage in 2009. It also seems that Mack`s decision was not the same as most or atleast some of the board.

I guess you missed the Grey Cup game, when Lapolice's offence had MTL confused and beaten, untill Math confused the Riders special team's unit.

Oh, the revisionist history. :lol:

LaPolice came up with a great running attack for the game. I give him full credit for that. But please explain to me how my Als were 'confused and beaten' when we held the Riders to no points and no first downs in the last eight minutes of the fourth quarter and outscored Sask 24-10 in the second half. Calvillo finished the game with more passing yards than Durant.

I don't think LaPolice's overall game plan was anything spectacular in the Grey Cup. In fact, one could argue that yet again, the Riders' inability to make effective halftime adjustments cost them the (most important) game.

All that being said, I like this hire. Paul is a good football mind with a bright future.

Was or was he not Saskatchewan's OC in their previous Grey Cup appearance, when they beat Winnipeg?

Again, that offensive performance was less than stellar, I am still convinced that they would have lost that one had Kevin Glenn not had a broken arm . . . but again, that too could easily be considered revisionist history. . .

I think Tait hit the nail right on the head, Marshall is predictable and inflexible, not exactly what you look for in a HC.

There may very well be something to that. Seems to me whenever he lands somewhere as a DC, his defences are really good for the first season or two, and then tend to regress a bit. . .

No, at that time it was Ken Miller in charge of the offense (Austin was still HC).

Again, that offensive performance was less than stellar, I am still convinced that they would have lost that one had Kevin Glenn not had a broken arm . . . but again, that too could easily be considered revisionist history. . .
I also find it weird to assess someone's ability based on one game, albeit the most important of the year.