LaPolice invites Mike Kelly as guest coach !

Was that scary wasn't it ? or did you puke a little bit in your mouth ? Both ?

cant we just let the mike kelly crap die? i mean, new season. new year.

Bombers would have better chance with Kelly than the crew you got now!!! I mean LaPolice will be an asst again somewhere in the CFL in 2011, or more probable sitting on the beach for the next few years on Bomber funds. It will be in Bombers best interest to have him collecting the rest of his buyout on the beach than repeating 2010 0-18 record.

You can't be serious ?

Mike Kelly won't be an assistant anywhere in 2011, no matter what Lyle is telling him. If I was Kelly I'd be working on an entry visa to the US for my gf before the one got from Canada runs out. :wink:

kellys in winnipeg allright... he lives here apparently. was out at a baseball trny today with the local gf.. sat by her last season, nice lady... from calgary originally but said they live here.


The more I read of Joe Footballs posts', the more I am convinced he is Mike Kelly.

Sounds more like MichaelBishop et al to me. I think he has a new IP address to get around the ban.

...orrrrrrr it could be housedog.......our dear negative friend.....somebody must have let him off of his leash.. :wink:
.......'WHO LET THE DAWGS OUT' :lol:

True. Or sanjay. He hasn't been around for while too.

You guys banned Mike Bishop but hangout with Mike Kelly ???
Strange bunch my Blue friends LOL !

Slightly off topic, but word on the street is that Bombers are in negotiations with Gibran Hamdan. No I have no link, but it`s atleast being kicked around. May involve some type of Argo participation due to the fact that they hold his rights. My understanding is the real reason Gibran walked out has not been disclosed. May hear something about this in the press in the coming days.

cant someone lock this bs topic?

It seems like it would be a good time for everyone to put Joe Football on their foe list.

Poor Mike, can't even get along despite an alias LOL! :lol:

Negativity is one thing. . . but what really annoys me from time to time are people who make up little stories out of thin air. LIke our friend awhile ago, made a new alias and pretended to be a friend of Stephen Jyles and his wife. . . sheer, unadulterated nonsense. And now we've got these gems:

umm... kelly was here.. i could post a pic i have of him with me... he was here on the weekend at the fastball tourney and does spend most the year here..

the hamdan thing tho is just bs.

You sure you weren't sitting with Howie Mandel ?

I am Howie

...then go eat a pizza.... :wink:/ deal or no-deal