LaPolice hired as HC of OTT

Lapo just beat us in the Grey Cup.

Probably a rebuilding year now. I’m worried.

Crash: And it won’t just be Ottawa that will be a threat in the East next season. Montreal also looks like they will provide a challenge. Toronto seems to be signing quite a few ex-NFL players but who knows what will happen now that under Pinball Clemons is GM.
We had it easy this past season because the East was in turmoil.
It will be a much different story in 2020.

I like the hire by Ottawa. Now let’s see if Marcel can give LaPolice the talent he needs to succeed.

That’s the key. A LaPo offence run by Dominique Davis and/or Jonathan Jennings will have as much success as Rick Campbell did last season.

As in, not much.

Why even show up to camp?


Crash: What’s that supposed to mean? Do you disagree with my opinion about 2020 being a tougher year that this past season?

letsgo: I would have preferred that LaPolice had stayed with a western team.

I can’t see LaPolice taking the Ottawa job without some sort of an agreement about hiring new talent. If Marcel doesn’t deliver the goods, his stint as GM will soon be over.

Well his 16-28 career HC record doesn’t put a ton of fear in me as a Ticat fan.

Competent hire by Ottawa but usually things do look promising at the begining.
Devone Claybrooks says hi.

Lapo is a good OC and a terrible HC, his record shows that. Without new talent they will stay in the basement

Your supposed to be cocky and not be concerned about other teams. Did you not know? ::slight_smile:

I am curious to see if any Bomber assistants follow Lapo to Bytown . Who on the current RB staff will be kept / replaced ?

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Bill Belichick also had a pretty bad record prior to joining a subpar Patriots.
Just saying, people can turn around their careers.

On the topic of eastern conference competitiveness, I hope it will be more challenging as the cats had little to no competition and it hurt us at the wrong time.

Hopefully, we will show up, AGAIN next year as a lot of teams that go to the championship game, have terrible following years. Eg. RBs, Argos, GS warriors, Carolina Panthers…etc

We dominated the West division.

A poor east had zero to do with losing the GC.

We did, yes, but we also finished off the season playing a lot of meaningless football against really weak competition, wheras Winnipeg had to scrap and claw their way all the way to the end. They were at their peak, we were not, and I do think its at least a part of why we lost.

I’m ultimately happy to wrap up 1st place as early as possible, but it also doesn’t hurt if you’ve gotta stay sharp doing it.

I agree that this could be part of the explanation. The Sept 14 game in CAL was the last time before the Eastern Final that we played a team which was still in contention and had a starting QB. (MTL rested Adams early when we played them Oct 26).

If there is a better explanation I have not yet heard it. (I don’t accept “It just wasn’t our day” or “They made more plays than us.” Both are the equivalent of saying “We lost because the other guys scored more points than we did.”)

I will also accept “We were out-coached” - which covers preparation, game planning, motivating the players and in-game adjustments. If the coaches get much of the credit for winning, they also have to accept much of the blame for losing.

But we played the East final, didn’t really come out flat at all and played a great game.

If we lost the East final I’d say we weren’t prepared but we were, and showed it.

The biggest advantage we (apparently) had was health. We were able to get healthy and not worry about plugging holes like last year.

We had an easy schedule, hit all the teams at the right time; starting with knocking out Zach…not saying we weren’t talented…but playing back up qbs and weak teams at the right time for our back Qb to get comfortable helped.
Playing some contending teams at the end of the season would have helped prepare for the cup.

When we beat up on the Bombers in Winnipeg; it woke them up; we needed to face some adversity; but it came at the wrong time.

Good news is we will continue to try to win a cup. Teams in the east usually give up after winning.

So, do you have a different explanation for why we came out flat in the Grey Cup?