Lapolice hired as HC of OTT

I am far from convinced that Coaching was the problem in Ottawa.

Coach Campbell was an excellent Coach, the problem is at the top of the Organization

and he is still there.

There were very questionable personnel decisions made last offseason. I don’t know how Desjardin came to make those decisions, but I think/hope that if he doesn’t make better use of his resources this year he’ll be gone too.

It’s that damned salary cap again. It needs to go up about $5,000,000/team

Yes I totally agree, Campbell is a heck of a coach and Desjardin gutted the team last year. If does not get a couple of quality QBs and a couple of receivers then he may as well start cleaning out his office, I would think and truly hope he has learned something from last year, I am sure Lapo made clear what kind of QBs ect. that he needs and wants to be signed here. He would not set himself up to fail. So having said that I do believe this is a very good choice for Ottawa,

Point taken, but LaPo is an offensive mind, which is where Ottawa needs the most help, unlike Campbell. It’s worth noting too that LaPo was able to get good performance out of Streveler in Winnipeg, a guy whose skill set is somewhat similar to those of Jennings and Davis…

Mike Kelly’s resume up here in Canada isn’t exactly stellar. He was the GM and head coach for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers for only the 2009 season. The Bombers were 7-11 in the East Division, were outscored 508 to 386(!) and missed the playoffs.


Lapolice managed to get fired 8 games into the 2012 season after taking a 4-14 team to a 10-8 team with a Grey Cup appearance … hardly a sterling HC resume … we fans all too often assume OC/DC success equals good HC … not always true … especially challenging when they retain the OC/DC role … once they could load up on assistants to take on parts of the HC role but no longer … not predicting failure but not assuming success either.

Somewhat similar? I don’t really see that. . .

Streveler is a good runner, and a mediocre passer.

Davis and Jennings can only aspire to being mediocre.

While I agree that Davis and Jennings are limited, IMO they were far from being the only problem in Ottawa. When your roster gets dismantled in the offseason and you have to re-assign OC duties a third into the season, you can’t blame everything on the quarterbacks.

Free Agent quality QB’s I could see possibly following LaPolice to OTT

Matt Nichols

Oh I totally agree with you on that. GM let some of the really key personnel on offence walk away (Ellingson, SirVincent Rogers, Powell), and then Elizondo ups and quits leaving them with no OC, it really was a total mess from the get-go.

That said, I think Jennings and Davis were total flops. Is it all their fault? No. But are they a big part of the problem? Yes.

I do agree that their time in Ottawa is probably done. But I am reluctant to toss them on the scrapheap. Many of the sough-after QBs of 2019 were on the ropes only a year or two ago. How many years did it take Nichols to turn into a good QB? Masoli wasn’t an overnight phenom. Heck, Vernon Adams almost quit football and it took Manziel’s release and an injury to Pipkin for him to get his foot in the door and show what he could do.

I was surprised he took this job. I thought the EE would be first choice. Maybe EE were not interested. Who knows?
But O gives Lapo a chance to mold a team almost from scratch with an arguably easier path to over achieve compared to the West. And a good crop of FA QB coming up. I imagine he and Nichols have had a talk or two.

Paul LaPolice was probably the leading candidate in Edmonton. Yeah, they were interested.

Marcel Desjardins last off-season thought he was John Hufnagel by not giving raises to any of his pending free agents. Nobody ever rips Calgary for using that same philosophy of managing the salary cap.

Biggest player personnel criticism placed on Desjardins was letting Trevor Harris walk. But if he was such a valuable QB, why did Paul LaPolice select Ottawa over Edmonton whose quarterbacking situation is just a big question mark? Eskimos also seemingly have more pieces in place and just under-achieved last year. Redblacks on the other hand, lost 15 of their last 16 games.

Desjardins must have done a good job convincing LaPolice that things would have been fine had Jaime Elizondo not left so late in the off-season.

Yep. I think EE has “underachieved” for several seasons now. I think it is less about underachieving as opposed to being overrated. Dangerous place for a new coach.

Great hire for the RB.
I am envious as I was hoping that my Argos would hire Lapo as he man has proven to be the offensive mastermind and frankly visionary in the the multi QB system.
It would not surprise me if he takes one or even two QB’s from the FA BB roster.
Why not take Zach and Streveler and continue with the same success?

Maybe the Esks were and maybe not.

Dave Campbell thought so. He also dismiss the notion that Rick Campbell was going to end up in Edmonton.

And that is a very good point.


Happy for Lapo. 8)