Lapolice hired as HC of OTT

EDM, It’s your move now, who is left??

Sweet .

Welcome Lapo .

Does Lapo bring Matt Nichols with him?

I think he brings at least one of the QB’s and maybe even another from somewhere else . He seems to be well liked .

Injured Nichols is another one of those guys who wants to coach when he retires so maybe he might follow him and see where it takes him later .

Personally I always liked his teams in Winnipeg they always fought hard for him when he coached at the HC position .

Very good news for the west division.

Mike Benevides and Ryan Dinwiddie.


Didn’t Mike coach there as HC not long ago .

Not quite. Mike Benevides was the head coach of the British Columbia Lions from 2012-14. He was also the assistant head coach and defensive coordinator of the Eskimos from 2016-18 under Jason Maas. Maas though is gone now.


Well, Ottawa just got competitive again. Well done, Ottawa! (gnashing of teeth as Als fan, lol)

Maybe he would return you never know .

Thought Edmonton might go in a different direction .

Kilam as HC or

Mc Adoo as HC .

I predict Kilam to Edmonton and Mcadoo to Winnipeg as OC.

Do you believe Buck Pierce is moving on to Toronto as OC ?

I wouldn’t say that Ottawa just got more competitive.

If LaPo goes into 2020 with Jonathan Jennings and Dominique Davis as his QBs, he’ll fare about as well as Rick Campbell did last season.

Mark Nelson’s famous quote is quite applicable in this context. . .

I’d expect Pierce to step up and be OC in Winnipeg, now that LaPo has moved on.

Fair point. McAdoo will land on his feet somewhere.

Well for Ottawa’s sake he’d better bring someone. . .

Mike Kelly was my first choice to takeover in Ottawa.

Congratulations to Lapo. I suspect Buck moves to OC for the Bombers. Osh seems to like working with him and a in house promotion would be his MO

Buck will be the new OC in Winnipeg.

I’m hoping they can sign some of the quality FA receivers available this year too.