LaPolice has lost his focus re: Rebuilding

Coach LaPolice has lost his focus. You don't rebuild a football club by riding your #1 QB into the ground. If PLP had decided to focus on developing Jyles as a starter and playing Pierce ONLY when he was 100% healthy, we might have gotten 6 good games out of Buck. Instead, Pierce's career in the CFL is likely over--too bad.

I could live with a 2-16 record if by the end of the season Jyles emerges as a reliable starter, the secondary gels & we have a healthy receiving corps that can be counted on to consistently execute steady drives. Those are the qualities of a solid football team.

We won't be 2-16 number one, this team is improving on defense and the offense needs to play more consistantly especially on 2ND downs (2-16 on second down plays - ouch), player's will get healthy, young guys are already starting to gel and i expect this team to be above .500 over the last 9 games.

Not that I agree with you but, Pierce looked like he was knocked out for a second on that late hit in the 3rd quarter, which should have been flagged btw. He probably should have come out then. But the injury to the elbow occurred on a classic low shot to the legs, again not flagged, which are supposed to be designed to protect the QB. If anything, the league failed Buck Pierce by not enforcing their own rules designed to protect him and the other QB's in the league.

There appears to be two sets of rules in this league, one set for the 'elite QB's" while the others are just treated like fodder.

Anyone with a set of eyes could see that Buck was "dazed" after th first hit which i agree was a late hit (just as late as Odell's 2ND hit on Durant) yeah safe to say he had his bell rung, and he was out cold fora few seconds (many disagree with this) but as i said i noticed it!!

......I'm glad someone else sees it the same as me....The reffing and obvious bias was putrid in that game with regards to the qbs.,, Sure every team has debatable calls with regard to roughing the passer but this game was a joke..Your statement, pigseye, that there seems to be two sets of rules is bang-on ...When is Higgins going to get his glasses back ...cuz his refs were blind to the 'late hits' on Buck and they could have used a set of eyes...How can you call it one-way for one qb.(durant) and then ignore the obvious illegal hits on the other (buck) This isn't the first game that this bull$hit has transpired....Early in the year an obvious horsecollar on Pierce was totally ignored with a ref. standing right over the play, while in other games , receivers getting pulled down by that type of tackle (and not that harshly) were flagged immediately :roll: ...I don't believe in any conspiracies or any of that bunk but i do believe that there is certain biases and ineptness on the part of refs....The RULES should be applied equally or this league runs the risk of looking 'bush'...IF this crap continues in the next game with these guys(i hope we get a dif. set of refs) then LaPo better start filling these guys ears on the sidelines about his concerns...We may run the risk of a bench penalty but i'm gettingt sick and tired of getting 'pooped' on ....Maybe it is time to get full-time, fully paid refs in this league because some of the incompetent reffing by 'some' of these guys is wearing awful thin :x

The 2nd roughing the passing penalty was awful on Willis ! I watched it again , it obviously wasn't late and was not a spear ! He never dipped his head an drove his helmet in to his back ! It was a big hit and a terrible call !

Did you see the picture of the second hit that I posted in the CFL Talks section? His head was down when he first made contact with Durant. It wasn't a spear. The rule says it's a penalty when:

Contacting the passer if either the initial source of contact, or primary source of contact, is the defender’s helmet.
Willis' initial source of contact on that play was his helmet although it wasn't the primary source of contact.

The helmet made contact with his back, but it's football and everytime the helmet makes contact , doesn't mean it's spear! Just my opinion, but at the angle he was coming at, the helmet was always going to make contact !

I said I agreed it wasn't a spear but that is not what was called nor is it what the rule says. Initial contact was with the helmet (doesn't matter how hard or soft that contact is). I just wish the refs were more consistent in calling it against other teams.

Bombers are 0-5 on the road and have just lost their starting QB for the season and they are going to be above .500 for the rest of the way. Contact cement in the water over there ? :lol:

We have BC twice, Edm once and Toronto twice , I would say 5 - 4 isn't out of the question ! If we beat Sk on sun, 5 -4 will be a reality!

Don't you have your own QB problems to worry about. AC and Leak out. McPherson hasn't played a game since the pre-season.

Unlike Pierce, Calvillo likely isn't going to miss the rest of the season due to injury.

In previous years, you might be right...but I dunno about this year...he's getting hit a lot more and he sure looked his age all bundled up in a blanket on the cart...

I could be wrong...but I have a feeling we could be on the cusp of the house of cards comin' tumbling down in Montreal.

........Yeah we know....Calvillos injury seems to be mentioned quite a bit.... I know Buck will be back.....maybe next year....but he'll be back.....As for the type of injury Anthony suffered....I would be very hesitant to put him back in too early...We seen what it did to Pierce and his injury(s)....Ribs...sternum can be very tricky and just landing the wrong way can cause a relapse....I know Calvillo is a warrior like Buck but a lot older....sometimes discretion is the better part of valour.. :wink:

Calvillo's injury is similar to the one that ended Steve McNair's career, I agree with Kubie, I would be cautiously optimistic if I were the Als right about now, and his age definitely doesn't help.

Which is why I included the word 'likely' in my post. :wink: But Calvillo has been pretty durable over the course of his career, and hasn't work his body down taking hits, unlike McNair or Pierce. All the information coming out of Montreal right now suggests that Calvillo will be back in the near future. Until I hear differently, I'll be cautiously optimistic.