LaPolice gassed for poor record since middle of 2011 season

Tough to see Bomber head coach Paul LaPolice get fired. I hope he lands on his feet next year with another CFL team. Another good guy bites the dust because his players can't get it done on the field. :thdn: Will new Bombers field boss Tim Burke be able to turn around a team that has just two wins in toe 2012 season and lost almost all their games in the second half of the 2011 season? For his sake I hope so. If the play like they did against the Lions, they should do better against the slumping green Riders.

Just wondering whether any other CFL head coaches are close to walking the plank? Cory Chamblin's Riders have lost five in a row and seem poised to repeat last year's losing season, after three solid wins wins to open the season. George Cortez's Tiger Cats have lost three in a row after a good start. Perhaps Bob O'Billovich and the Hamilton brass will get nervous and look for someone else to run their on-field product. The other five head coaches (Benevides, Hufnagel, Reed, Milanovich and Trestman look fairly certain to remain in their area codes for at least the remainder of the 2012 season.

Dooger in Surrey

Poor management=bad decisions.

Tough to see a good coach get fired like that. I hope he lands on his feet somewhere else in this league.

LaPo gassed because Mack never replaced Doug Brown.

Winnipeg has gone through more Coaches the last 10 years than any one else Im sure. I think the President / BOG should be held accountable. Really, Mack and Taman have both gone through so many Coaches. Maybe the President / BOG should lok in the mirror at who they have hired for GM. Bad Gm= multiple Coaches.

I don't think I've seen a team play with less heart than the Bombers this season. Winnipeg is now 0-3 under Burke, they've been score something like 121-27 and haven't scored a td on offense. Clearly Lapolice wasn't the problem. The team needs to be restructured from the top down.

Very true statements, both of them.

'05 TiCats.

I have seen the canucks play with less heart, many many times :cry:

Sad but true.